Into the Night

New, new, new stuff popping up all around: just what you'd expect in springtime. The boys from the already established gay emporium Warsaw help new kids on the block Zeptepi (1532 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, 532-2002) host a gay night this -- and every -- Thursday night. Dancing and prancing bare-chested muscle boys are sure to abound. Also making its debut tonight is Club MG in the Mare Grande Hotel (524 Ocean Dr., Miami Beach, 532-8420). Meant for drinking, dancing, and relaxing, the newest club for the upwardly mobile and physically blessed encourages its patrons to become members. Only a couple of requirements -- a small waist and a big wallet. Also on the new agenda is Broward's Chili Pepper (200 W. Broward Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, 954-525-0094). The club, at the former Edge space, had an unofficial opening last week -- amid construction debris -- for a concert by rap-rocker Beck. The official grand opening of the new high-energy dance club is this Friday, March 28, with all the usual ribaldry and revelry that accompany opening-day festivities. The party starts at 10:00 p.m.

Van Dyke Cafe & Lounge. Local music maestros Mike Renzi, Don Wilner, and Chuck Redd perform toe-tapping, finger-snapping jazz. 846 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach, 534-3600.

Groove Jet, "Groove Girl." Eclectic locals gather for mayhem and mischief with resident DJs Carlos Menendez and Chilly spinning musical fun for everyone. 323 23rd St., Miami Beach, 532-2002.

Squeeze, "Ladies Night." DJ Guy spins the best in progressive and alternative dance songs for everyone from yuppies and clean-cut college kids to tattooed and pierced fetish fanatics. 2 S. New River Dr., Fort Lauderdale, 954-522-2151.

Union Bar, "Latin-Rock Night." The Latin masses join forces for some hot and heavy rock en espanol dispensed by DJ Gus. 653 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, 674-7870.

Marsbar, "Bovine Sex Club." Drink specials and party girls dancing in a cage high above the floor are the highlights of the evening, with DJ Alex Gutierrez at the controls. 8505 Mills Dr. (Town & Country Center), Kendall, 271-6909.

O'Zone, "Fiesta Friday." The most fun on the mainland, with salsa and merengue -- as well as cool beer specials -- flowing all night for those hot and heavy buff boys in bikinis. 6620 Red Rd., South Miami, 667-2888.

Stella Blue. Reggae rhythms are the order of the evening when local roots rocker Johnny Dread belts out his best ones. 1661 Meridian Ave., Miami Beach, 532-4788.

Victor's Cafe, "Asi Es Mi Cuba." Keep Cuban company with fancy fun and supper-club elegance as Marietta performs her Afro-Cuban and folkloric show. 2340 SW 32nd Ave., 445-1313.

Calusa Country Club, "Reggae Jam." It's nonstop vibes when the super sounds of the Medusa DJs create the ultimate party for reggae, hip-hop, and soca lovers. 9400 SW 130th Ave., 382-0926.

Splash, "Men Who Prefer Men." Go underground at a deep-house dance extravaganza complete with go-go boys and free drinks from 10:00 to 11:00 p.m. -- a party beyond reckoning. 5922 S. Dixie Hwy., South Miami, 661-9099.

Society Hill, "The Dancehall." Get irie with a Jamaican style jam so close to real that you'll think you need a passport. 627 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, 534-9993.

Trio Nightclub, "Deca-dance." DJ Tre pumps out retro tunes to take you back in time -- with dangerous disco driving in the side room. Cheap drinks and hearty fun. 2660 E. Commercial Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, 954-958-9971.

La Covacha, "La Carcel." A Cuban country roadhouse packed with patrons dancing to Latin rock. The club where a good time is always the first priority. 10730 NW 25th St., West Dade, 594-3717.

Liquid, "Fat Black Pussycat." Seventies-minded club kids, Euro-not-so-trash, and perky little vixens collide in a happy Afrocentric mix, working the cauldron of rampaging desires. 1439 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, 532-9154.

Cafe Iguana, "Monday-Night Boxing." Hinterland amusements for the masses with rough-and-tumble challenge bouts; a carnival set in a club/restaurant that runs like a well-oiled machine. 8505 Mills Dr. (Town & Country Center), Kendall, 274-4948.

Doc Dammers, "Happy Hour." Complimentary sushi and cheap sake help de-stress even the busiest executive. Smooth ballads provided by Duo Conclusions. 180 Aragon Ave. (Colonnade Hotel), Coral Gables, 441-2600.

Park Central Hotel, "Songwriters in the Round." Relax and enjoy as national and local talent come together, or showcase your own bad self in the songwriting game at an early open mike. 640 Ocean Dr., Miami Beach, 899-7346.

Ready Bar, "Home Cookin'." DJ Rad serves up a host of special soul and hip-hop flavors for a laid-back-locals kind of crowd. 560 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, 534-8847.

Brandt's Break, "Hot Shot." There are no tea and crumpets to be found when Bobby Radical hosts this British music invasion at the too-cool pool hall. 619 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, 531-9661.

Alcazaba, "Ladies Night." The upwardly mobile and utterly sophisticated Latin crowd converges for dancing, drinks, and socializing. 50 Alhambra Plaza (Hyatt Regency), Coral Gables, 441-1234.

Rose's Bar & Music Lounge, "Super Freak." Local band Khadir rocks the house each week with plenty of funky Afro-Cuban rhythms to keep you grooving. 754 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, 532-0228.

-- By Liz Martinez

Send information regarding special "one-nighters" to "Into the Night." Fax material to 571-7678 or call 571-7572.

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Liz Martinez