And while we've blogged at large about saxophonist, composer, and arranger Felipe Lamoglia, I'm hard-pressed to think of a better venue for him to come into the fray and take charge of this resurgence. This Friday night, he'll perform with his sextet and special guest Armando Gola (a Grammy nominee) at D. Rodriguez's Cuba Restaurant at the Astor Hotel.

Rodriguez is known in culinary circles as an innovator of "Nuevo Latino" cuisine and has given the Peruvians a run for their money with his "kooky" takes on ceviche while still laying out a very contemporary version of Cuban cuisine. Yes, nothing will beat abuela's picadillo, but homey over here makes a good case for reevaluating your tastes with his rabo encendido en lata and plantain-crusted mahi-mahi.

Innovative Cuban Sounds and Flavors on Friday Night, Courtesy of Felipe Lamoglia and Chef Douglas Rodriguez

Lamoglia matches the kitchen with his know-how of jazz and his roots in Afro-Cuban sounds. I'll let my more qualified colleagues make the wine (or in this case, mojito) suggestions, but if you're gonna go and take in a full evening's worth of an island-based culture that has come to define our community very well, this is it. And let's hope, really, that jazz is no passing trend.

The Felipe Lamoglia Sextet with Armando Gola on Friday, June 25th at D. Rodriguez Cuba Restaurant at the Astor Hotel, 956 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach. Call 305-673-3763 or visit www.drodriguezcuba.com.

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