Iggy Pop, Usually Shirtless, Designs Clothing Line

The man appears to be allergic to any article of clothing that covers his taut, tan sexagenarian chest.

And yet, Iggy Pop, the 67-year-old rock god, punk pioneer, and Miami resident, who's spent much of the last six decades going shirtless, is gonna be designing a clothing line.

Teaming up with Sailor Jerry, the spiced rum and lifestyle brand based on the work of the late old-school tattoo artist Norman Collins, Mr. Pop will be this year's creative director for the so-called Flash Collection. And his debut contribution: "an iconic denim vest."

Sleeveless and not quite a shirt ... So it doesn't break any of Iggy's personal sartorial rules.

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Even though his skin is uninked (or at least the epidermis covering everything other than his crotch and buttocks areas), the Pop man must dig tattoos and tat-themed merch.

After all, this fashion gig will be Iggy's second collab with Sailor Jerry after lending his likeness and some "TV Eye" samples of his screeching to a recent ad for the company's spiced rum.

For the Flash Collection, he will be the second rock 'n' roll legend to helm the brand's "annual collaboration," as the official hype explains, "between Sailor Jerry and a like-minded artist." (Last year, The Clash's Paul Simonon designed a leather jacket emblazoned with skull and crossbones.) And the Iggster is stoked.

"When I was asked to be involved with the latest Flash Collection, I was intrigued right away," Pop says. "I fell in love with the pin-ups. Sailor Jerry's pin-ups are the best. Bringing his stuff to life for a collection of limited edition clothes was something I totally wanted to be a part of."

The Iggy Pop edition of the Flash Collection will be "unveiled," according to Sailor Jerry global brand director Enda O'Sullivan, "in Miami this October."

It will be available "available," the hype confirms, "in a handful of selected stores around the world and on www.sailorjerryclothing.com." And it will include the vest, along with two other as-yet unrevealed Iggy-designed items.

But probably ... No shirts.

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