Iggy Pop Helping Sweat Records Cool Down

What's a helpless independent record store to do when it needs to raise money for a new AC unit? Get some star power, of course.

For months, it seems Sweat Records has lived up to its name, forcing owners Lauren "Lolo" Reskin and Jason Jimenez to amend store hours and cancel events due to the heat. But like a punk god in shining armor, Iggy Pop is here to finally help. If you didn't already know, these days Pop calls Miami home and is known to wander around the streets of Little Haiti, which is also where the record store is located.

So how is Pop helping the shop exactly? First, Sweat Records will be releasing limited edition T-shirts with Pop's mug from the "Wall of Idolatry" painted outside the store. He'll also be the guest of honor at Sweat's event August 22 at Awarehouse. Awesome New Republic, Jacuzzi Boys and several local DJs will also make appearances, while local artist Francesco LoCastro will be doing live painting.

For more information call 305-342-0953 or visit sweatrecordsmiami.com.

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