Iggy Azalea Pops That "Pu$$y" at LIV Miami

Nicki Minaj is cool and everything. But when it comes to raw rapper women, there's an even newer bad bitch in town.

The sexy and slick-witted Australian import Iggy Azalea has been going viral with "Pu$$y", her hit single and music video. Recently signed to Interscope, T. I. is even producing Ms. Iggy's debut album, out in June.

But last night, she stopped by LIV Miami to bust a verbal nut in the crowd's face. And for sure, it tasted like the rainbow.

The place was packed by midnight. The dance floor was overflowing. And girls were dancing on tables, raised platforms, the barrier between the VIP and the rest of LIV's patrons.

There was a bit of a commotion when Azalea made her entrance into the club, coming down the large, winding stairs onto the floor. She looked a little dazed as fans started calling out for pictures. But Ms. Iggy was safely hustled right into VIP.

Although, she didn't waste much time poppin' bottles, because by 1:15 a.m., her boys were up on stage, getting people pumped up with the now-classic "Niggas in Paris."

"Now," they said, "without any further ado, Iggy Azalea!"

The bass- and electro-inspired synth leads of her promo single "My World" boomed through speakers as Azalea came out to center stage, bobbin' around in a neon yellow blazer. Of course, her thick, blonde ponytail was whipping all around as if to say, "This bitch means business."

She kicked it up with some more driving beats before grinding out that viral hit, "Pu$$y," which recently hit more than a million views on YouTube. As she rapped, she moved to the end of the stage's catwalk and dipped low. It just wouldn't have been right to rhyme, "Taste the rainbow!," without putting her Skittles in our face.

"Do Miami run this motherfucker?" her boy called to the crowd. Then she went into her final song, killing the first verse of "Murder Business" before stepping off to get back to champagne showers and killin' bitches and whatever else a lady like that gets into at a place like LIV.

"Make some fucking noise," she yelled before stepping down. "Miami, I love you."

Critic's Notebook

Personal Bias: She should have showcased her really impressive rhyming skills and epic flow with the single "D.R.U.G.S."

The Crowd: Miami's pretentious and pretty party elite, ready to drop some serious dough.

Ed the Bouncer's Verdict: "She was okay"

Iggy Azalea's Setlist:

-"My World"


-"Murder Business"

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