Hula Hula II with DS and Mr. Feathers at Bar Tonight

Do you like surf music? Do you like surf music as it's skewered through the eyes of organizers Mr. Feathers (of Peasants With Feathers and Otto Von Schirach fame) and DS? Do you like Hawaiian-style hamburgers? Ladies, will you wear a flower in your hair? Ah.... You kinda should, it'll get you a free shot of something called "Drink of the Gods Shot" tonight at Bar. Oh well, at least the line-up for the evening seems to be on the right track with a motley crew of music selectors from all walks of life who share in the love for surf music.

The Reckless Dames will put on a burlesque show, Furious Dude and tattoo artist extraordinaire John Vale will select, as will Stravinsky, Henri Horrible and everybody's favorite bearded cousin, The Haitian Hillbilly. Local pinup beauty Bella Rockafella will be your hostess while Danielle Veit does her art thing live in the patio amidst the delicious swirly scents of $2 Aloha burgers.

Need more enticing? Churchill's new booking star Nayra Serrano and The Monterey Club's DJ Sensative Side might stop by to make some musical selections. Regardless of which, Bar's "cheap drinks, no cover, no hassles" ethos has gone over very well in the Downtown corridor and judging by the first Hula party, tonight promises to be a solid good time with music that can only bring a smile to your work-weary faces. Or maybe the "Drink of the Gods Shot" will. It don't matter, it's all maikai.

Mr. Feathers and DS with John Vale, The Haitian Hilbilly, Stravinsky, Henri Horrible and the Reckless Dames tonight at Bar, 28 NE 14th Street, Downtown. Call 305-633-9345 or visit http://28ne14st.com.

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