Hot Damn Indeed! Punk and Hip-Hop Party at Eve Tonight

There is something culturally synchonous about the moments that gave rise to punk rock and hip-hop. Both were musical genres that began as reactions. And one need only peruse the photo work of Glen E. Friedman and see that they were both there, growing independent of each other, but achieving the same goals.

And it is with this in mind that I am happy to report that this Tuesday night at Eve, we will see proof positive of this connection. While I am murky on the details, it is my understanding that a case of double-booking occurred at Churchill's and the Antisteez folks who throw the Tuesday jammer, Hot Damn at Eve, graciously lent the bands the venue for their show.

And it should be a doozy! Hailing from Boston with a pedigree that includes tenure in the Unseen and Slapshot, there will be Ashers and Refuse Resist, alongside local faves Nobody's Hero, Unit Six, and Connecticut's Sadplant -- not to mention between-band sounds by savvy punker DJ Skidmark and DJ Floorpunch. That's as solid a lineup as it gets folks.

In the Red Room will be the weekly stylings of DJs A-Train, Chico Biscayne, and Drop D, blending their extensive encyclopedias of hip-hop, rap, and reggae with that gusto only these cats can muster for a Tuesday eve. And I suggest you get your freaky, old school dance on while you're there, because it really is to this crew's credit that the punkers get their night in a solid and unfortunately seldom-seen moment of community camaraderie.

This might be a one-night-only kind of thing. But I'm curious to see if this partnership, with roots that extend way back to the pioneers of the genres, will continue in the future. Only good things can come of this. Good things. Like the free BBQ and a $6 beer 'n' shot combo!

Antisteez presents Hot Damn Tuesdays with DJs A-Train, Chico Biscayne and Drop D. Special guests will be Ashers, Refuse Resist and DJs Skidmark and Floorpunch. Tuesday, March 1. Eve Nightclub, 1306 N. Miami Ave, Downtown Miami. The party starts at 9:30 p.m. and the cover is $5. Call 305-995-5050 or visit

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Abel Folgar