Hollow Leg's Instinct Is a Hadron Collider of Doom Sludge and Booze

Hollow Leg




There is nothing imaginary about where these two dudes store their energy. Nah, the hollow leg here refers to the actual hadron collider of doom sludge and booze these guys bring forth.

Last year's The Hive Demos did a great job of whetting appetites and they do not disappoint on their first full-length effort.

Instinct recalls all the best bits of the demos but takes it a step further. There will be an immediate likening to Black Cobra, Grief and Rorschach. But these ex-Bostonians do right by Florida's excellent metal pedigree.

These are howling-from-the-depths-of-hell numbers that are brutal when slow and excruciatingly evil when sped up. Opener "Caretaker" flirts with the baroque in an almost lo-fi onslaught. And then the attack continues with "Shattered" and "The Return." This is droning, slow headbanging music.

"Bacchus" marks the mid-point of the album with an almost funk-oriented groove that recreates the stop-and-go feeling of a serious malt liquor binge. "Warbeast," "Grace" and "Wayside" are the trio of scorchers that closes the disc with an eclectic mix of power-violence, grindcore, doom, and sludge.

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