Hialeah Fest 2010 to Take Place September 17 and 18, And They're Looking for New Bands

Okay, we're not claiming to be geographical geniuses or anything, but when we hear about a music festival dubbed "Hialeah Fest," we just assumed it would take place in Hialeah, right?

That's not the case for this year's festival, which will bring in about 20 bands so far, among them Ketchy Shuby, Hit Play!, and Radioboxer. We poked around and found out why Hialeah is honored in the name. Will girls wearing stereotypical big hoop earrings, wife beater tanks, and darkly rimmed lips be greeting Churchill's patrons at the door?

"It's Hialeah Fest because it's for people who live in Hialeah, practice in Hialeah, have a gma in Hialeah, etc.," says Hit Play! bassist Gaston de la Vega. Aww. And here we were hoping for a little "chusmeria" in Little Haiti.

If you're a "new band" and would like your shot to perform at Hialeah fest, you can drop 'em a line at info@humbert.net.

Just be sure you have some sort of sordid Hialeah connection, whether it's

that a bandmate is from Hialeah, you rehearse there, or as their site

put it, "Whether your bass player lost her virginity in Hialeah, or

whether you used to hang out at your abuelita's house cocinando un

lechon para Noche Buena." Do you have an interesting, somewhat music-related Hialeah connection you'd like to share? We're listening.

The Hialeah love will be heavy, so

if you've lived there, been there, or just love the local culture, you

might want to pop in for the festival. Admission is $7 per day with a "Facebook coupon," or $10 without. Leave it to a Hialeah-themed party to give us some coupon discounts, not that we're complaining.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.