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Harlem Shake! Ten Grandmas, Babies, and Sick Cats Do the Dance!

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Just a week ago, Baauer and his "Harlem Shake" was simply an underground sensation. Sure, his name was on the lips of everyone in the know, but how many skinny-jean hipster trapper keepers are there?

This morning, Baauer holds the No. 1 song on the Billboard Hot 100, the first time a relatively unknown artist has ever debuted at the top spot. And why? Because the internet.

Baauer's "Harlem Shake" became the biggest meme of the year overnight. Everyone and their mom are doing it - literally. Your grandma, beanie babies and cats on drugs are doing it. We're not really sure how we feel about all this, a would-be classic turned viral joke, but either way, let's take a closer look at just how universal this non-Harlem Shake "Harlem Shake" has become.

Grandma Does the Harlem Shake

"Hey sonny, what's that groovy beat you're playing over there?" This fancy cat decided he'd get some hot grandma on grandma action in on the fun. Grandma on the right is fuckin merkin it. Fuck the sit-and-exercise routine, let the arthritic do the Harlem Shake.

Retirement Home Does the Harlem Shake

But why stop at two old people when you can have a whole home of them getting buck wild? Of course, not everyone here can get out of their chair. It's a little sad, but these people probably all had a reall swell time being a part of something so modern. We wish we could have been there for the explanation.

Young Couples and Their Messy Babies Do the Harlem Shake

The Harlem Shake, it's not just for old people. It's also for kids too young to know what the hell their "hip" young parents are up to. But at least kids dig killa beats. We hope their parents realize they aren't about to clean that mess up themselves. Side note: who has an indoor inflatable castle?

Pre-Schoolers Do the Harlem Shake

Old people are just like babies in the fact that twenty of them Harlem Shaking is better than just two. So here is a whole pre-school of kids dancing around under a sign that says "Joyland" to a song that says "with the terrorists." Ultimate American irony, achieved.

Beanie Babies Do the Harlem Shake

Fuck real babies. We're talking Beanie Babies. We don't even understand how anyone can possibly still own so many of these things. Didn't they stop being relevant after the early 2000s? Much like the actual Harlem Shake dance?

Walmart Does the Harlem Shake

Corporate giants know what's up. The People of Walmart have spoken. They just want to dance, man. There are actually about a million versions of this one alone, but this one seems to be the only version with a man in a chicken suit. Das a great value.

Puppies Do the Harlem Shake

Oh hey, what's cuter than babies and old people? BABY PUPPIES! Wooot, these crazy mutts can't get enough, and they're so adorable. Too bad they don't know what music is. You can check out the puppies' daily lives by clicking the ad on top, but who cares?

Sick Cats Do the Harlem Shake

This is actually probably the funniest one we've ever seen. These cats on anesthesia don't know what the hell is going on, and all they want to do is eat, but it's funny to imagine that they're dancing around like kids at a rave. Get it? GET IT?

News Anchors Do the Harlem Shake

Our favorite part of this video is listening to the lady try to say "Baauer" with absolutely no self-assurance. Afterward, that stupid blonde lady is like, "Why did the music stop?" Because no one actually cares about the song, you dumby. This is a joke. It's not art or anything. Shout out the white boy anchor's hot moves.

No One Does the Harlem Shake

Actually, this is the best one anyone ever made. You guys need to take a hard look at yourselves in the mirror and think about what you did. We can't wait to see Baauer drop this at Ultra/HARD Miami/in his nightmares for the rest of his life.

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