Grand Central Brings School of Seven Bells to Miami, October 16

Brooklyn trio School of Seven Bells chalked up a whole lotta blog and magazine love in 2008 with its debut album, Alpinisms, a set of beat-driven dream-pop that sounded, at times, like an updated version of the Cocteau Twins. The ethereal, sometimes vaguely tribal female vocals came, even, from identical (and camera-friendly!) twins, Alejandra and Claudia Deheza. The multi-tracked, atmospherics, at least at the band's outset, came largely from the brain of Benjamin Curtis, a Secret Machines alum. 

No surprise, but the band didn't make it to Miami in that first rush of excitement.

Grand Central keeps racking up the interesting bookings, though, luring the band down on October 16 for a date during School of Seven Bells' first major, full-scale national tour in a while. The occasion? A new album, Disconnect With Desire. Oddly, it's a joint release between two labels, introspective-indie survivor Vagrant Records and usually techno-heavy Ghostly International.

In a way, though, that reflects the evolved sound of the new material. It's heftier, with more feedback muscle and thought to the songs' live translation, but still built around those vaguely Ren Faire-style vocal melodies and chirping beats. 

Adding to the experimental fun, the opening act is Active Child, a solo artist whose moody electronic compositions rely heavily on a harp! 

Tickets aren't on sale yet, but we'll update this post when they are available.

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