Gooddroid on the Loveless Records Vibe: "Build Up, Then Orgasm, Then Hang"

What do matching tattoos, gay porn, and local DJ Adrianna "Gooddroid" Moschides have in common? It takes a little of all three to tell the tale of her label, Loveless Records.

"This story is awesome," she says, turning the clock back to 2011. Back then, she was busy casting and editing for an alt gay porn site, and in her off time, she was obsessing over beats.

"I just wanted to have an outlet for the music I love. My brain is a fuckin' encyclopedia of music. I remember every song I've ever heard."

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She brought her two influences together and created Dubporn Records, unleashing loads of heavy bass, à la U.K. garage.

"This was back when dubstep was real," she says. "It wasn't the fuckin' amalgamation it's become."

A few months and about 15 digital releases later, things were going pretty well. Moschides and partner Lauren Valdez were living the dream -- until the latter took the relationship to the next level: tattoos.

"I was really bummed one day, and she wanted to cheer me up about life, so she got a Dubporn tattoo on her chest," Goodroid recalls. "I'm like, 'Oh my God, this is weird and awesome. I'm so glad you love me enough to get it tattooed.'"

Moschides followed suit by getting the same tattoo on her arm, and that was pretty much the end.

"You know the rule about how matching tattoos ruin all relationships?" she laughs. "About a week later, I changed the name." And thus, Loveless Records was born.

But it was all for the better. Though the label is based in Miami, most of her artists are European, and it turns out the Euro market takes a lot better to Loveless, named after Moschides favorite My Bloody Valentine record, than something with porn in the name.

"After we changed the name, everything skyrocketed," she says. PR firms picked up the label, the roster expanded to include about 40 artists worldwide, and Gooddroid made a strategic shift to release only on vinyl.

"Nowadays, because of piracy issues, it's better to press on vinyl first and then release on digital," she explains. "That's the only way an artist can make money these days, through vinyl. To sell records digitally and make money, you've got to sell thousands and thousands. The last release I put out digitally was pirated in one hour."

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Besides changing names and formats, Moschides' label also updated its sound. She and her crew still worship all things bass, but they're not stuck on the dub style. It's a new era, and they're messing with all that house revival, Disclosure-wave, future bass shit too. The new vibes are perfect for their European market, and the goal is just to get the fans nodding to the beat.

"People know of us, they know the label, but they don't really know what our sound is," she says. "It's changed so much over the years."

Toward that goal, Gooddroid and two of her SoFla artists, Golab and Gray Ghost, will be taking over tomorrow's edition of Slap & Tickle's Tuesday night at Bardot for a showcase to set the record straight.

"What I'm trying to do is take my two local guys that I have and push our sound in Miami," she says. "Slap & Tickle is the perfect audience."

Each member of the Loveless crew will be bringing his or her own fresh style. Gray Ghost, who actually released an EP of chill dub-influenced beats as Dubporn's first record, will set the tone for the evening and build the dance floor. Gooddroid will follow, turning the place up. Then Golab will take it all home with his furious foot-werkin' juke.

"All together we're going to make a really good fucking vibe," Moschides said. "It'll be a really good buildup, and then orgasm, and then hang. I'm hoping to get laid."

After Miami, Gooddroid and company will take the showcase on the road to New York City, Atlanta, and beyond. In the coming months, Loveless also plans to release a ton of new music, including the supergroovy Cape Cod and Koloah Tell Me You Have No Time for Love EP, now streaming on Soundcloud.

The future of Loveless is bright and boundless. Moschides is using it to explore everything from future bass to instrumental hip-hop, and she has no plans of slowing down.

"I'm signing a lot of different people from a lot of different genres. We're not just going for house or bass music," she says. "Loveless is gonna be around forever! And I won't change the name again! I just won't get it tattooed on me."

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Loveless Records Showcase with Gooddroid, Golab, and Gray Ghost. Special opening set from Glow Team. Tuesday, June 24, at Bardot, 3456 N. Miami Ave., Miami. The party starts at 10 p.m., and cover is free. Ages 21 and up. Call 305-576-5570, or visit bardotmiami.com.

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