Miami's Top Ten Hipster Bars

Have you accepted that you're a hipster?

Probably not. It's in your nature to deny it. Most nights, though, you're inadvertently (or deliberately?) setting trends at a handful of offbeat, edgy boozing joints around town.

So, sorry to blow up your spot. But here are the top ten hipster bars in Miami.

The Broken Shaker, where the refined hipsters hang.
Kristina Camara
The Broken Shaker, where the refined hipsters hang.

10. Wood Tavern. 2531 NW Second Ave., Miami. Wynwood's Wood Tavern bills itself as "a bar's bar." Stroll in on any given night, and the dim main room and adjoining string-lighted beer garden evoke its other motto, "laid-back 'n' local." In 2012, Forbes named Wynwood one of America's 20 Best Hipster Neighborhoods. Yes, the arts district lures fixed-gear riding, American Spirit-puffing rascals who happen to frequent this watering hole. But it is Wood's mellow vibe that cuts through the pretentious bullshit. There's Taco Tuesday, offering delicious $2 Mexican street food out of a converted station wagon. Then there's Sunday's Backyard Boogie, an easygoing outdoor party with plenty of music, friends, and drinks. Affordable craft beer, mountains of booze bottles, and a Baby Birdman meet-and-greet? That's pretty chill.

9. Bardot. 3456 N. Miami Ave., Miami. The now-defunct Studio A was a hipster haven abutting the elephantine Space on NE 11th Street in downtown. It was Miami's quintessential dance club/music venue, catering to the folks who fancied a Cat Power show Thursday and craved an Avenue D boogie-down Friday. When the spot closed in 2008, the Miami scene was in limbo. The midsize Grand Central's similar indie likability saved our asses, but in midtown, another music house is brewing. Namely, Bardot, whose inconspicuous alley entrance, floor-level Carpet Stage, and no-photography rule set a semisecret insider vibe. Of course, the lounge still provides bottle service and boasts a VIP area, and those elements are a tad affluent hipster, but the tunes are what we're here for. After all, underground indie, hip-hop, and electronic musicians such as Peter Bjorn and John, XXYYXX, and Felix da Housecat have all hit the rug.

8. The Vagabond. 30 NE 14th St., Miami. This is where hipsters go when they want to shake that ass — or spit some spoken word. The NE 14th Street nightclub and music venue hosts its fair share of indie DJs (including a brimming 2013 Winter Music Conference lineup that included Poolside and Julius the Mad Thinker), but the Vagabond is also synonymous with Stone Groove, the Tuesday open-mike night hyped as "tailor-made for jazz enthusiasts and poetic aficionados." Hosted by the delectably dapper Marcus Blake (who recently won New Times' Best Fashionista), the evening attracts bohemians who want to hear the sweet words of their peers while sipping $1 Grolsch bottles (from 10 to 11 p.m.) and $5 Jameson whiskey all night long. So you know, after some liquid courage, the highfalutin dude with the handlebar mustache in the corner will rhapsodically recite some Lauryn Hill.

7. The Corner. 1035 N. Miami Ave., Miami. It's a fundamental hipster trait to make grubby look glam. And planting a cozy speakeasy-like tap amid downtown Miami warehouses just oozes clandestine appeal. The Corner is its hood's only sign of gentrification, but the liquor loft is not necessarily kicking anyone out — especially if moonshine, white whiskey, and absinthe are your thing. The dimly lit saloon's eclectic wine list ($8 to $12 a glass) and impressive craft beer menu ($3, $5, and $7 a pop) are handwritten on a chalkboard. It's cosmopolitan yet unassuming enough to draw a scruffy-men-in-vests crowd. Take the edge off your New York sour with a toothsome croque madame, like the traditional monsieur but with a fried egg on top. We promise, one night at the Corner is light years away from the douchey debauchery around the corner in Park West.

6. Gramps. 176 NW 24th St., Miami. Happy hour is a universally celebrated excuse to drink away your woes. And Gramps has two. The latest edition, Girls of Gramps, features femme DJs, free chicken wings, and champagne. The homey Wynwood bar has a strong connection to the local arts community and hosts an array of indie, punk, and electro bands. Owner Adam Gersten and resident DJ Benton also whip up killer vinyl sets on the back patio. Above all, though, Gramps isn't snooty; bartenders will gladly serve you a Modelo or craft you a swanky cocktail, like the Penicillin, a Scotch-based commixture of lemon, ginger, and honey. The hangout attracts a younger, cool-kid crowd, but no one is excluded. Yup, moms and dads are welcome. We know, Gramps' photo booth and Miami-themed collage tabletops (with Cocaine Cowboys-era snapshots) are trendy, but this spot still bucks the dirty-hipster-bar stereotype. Oh, and they don't serve PBR. And never will. Now that's hipster.

5. Kill Your Idol. 222 Española Way, Miami Beach. This place's hipsterness begins with its moniker. A Yelp reviewer, Paul M., from Arlington, Virginia, wrote of the bar: "I like to think this bar is named after the Sonic Youth song 'Kill Yr. Idols,' but I wonder if the real origin is much more obscure and I'm not cool enough to know it." Another Yelper claimed the bathroom reeked of pot and there was an unflushed cigarette in the toilet bowl. Of course, Kill Your Idol is also an oddball refuge from the fist-pumping of Washington Avenue. The carefully placed astronaut figurine, pinball machine, Jaws head, and jukebox are the kind of ironic props that scream kooky South Beach. Like the bar's bio says, KYI is what happened when "pop culture and the milky Moloko bar from Clockwork Orange got together one night, got drunk on vodka, and fornicated on a pristine marble slab to create a 'love child.'"

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