Gilberto Santa Rosa, Albita and Hansel y Raul at the New Year's Day Orange Drive Festival

Miami's most recognizable road is getting a makeover next week, when Ocean Drive becomes Orange Drive. We know what you're thinking ... And no, OD isn't getting spray-tanned with Snooki. It's more botox than facelift. The venerable avenue will only get a temporary name change. And a slightly different way of doing things.

Those of you in town during the Super Bowl last year might have experienced firsthand the carnival atmosphere that overtook the picturesque South Beach street. Well, the Who Dat nation won't be in attendance to drink from morning until night for a week straight. But the beachside boulevard is getting shut down from 6th Street to 9th, rerouting traffic for a great big three-day block party.

Latin music fans will want to make sure to head out for day two of the festivities, because the En Vivo Latin Festival is going to be one New Years party not to miss. Technically, it's a New Years Day party. But we don't think that'll make much difference to revelers out for a good time. Especially not with the tropical tunage abounding throughout the day, courtesy of a pretty star-studded lineup. El Caballero de la Salsa (The Gentleman of Salsa), Gilberto Santa Rosa himself, is going to be on hand to lend his legendary salsa stylings. As will Hansel y Raul. And as if that weren't enough, Albita will also be making an appearance to perform, which is quite the treat considering she'll need to book it from her spot pegadito al Internacional Mall.

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Paul Torres