Get Schooled in Cubaneo With Son Sabroson on WLRN This Sunday

Everyone knows that Conjunto Progreso is the baddest son band north of La Habana. After all, they were our choice for Best Latin Band in this year's Best of Miami, and we don't hand those puppies out to just anybody.

But do you know the history of son? What about the other classic styles of Cuban music that stem from it, like guaracha, guaguanco, rumba and mambo? And did you know that the salsa you love is itself a branch off the trunk of son?

Well, whether you're a Cuban music buff and a lover of cubaneo in all its glorious forms, or just a lover of the arts in general, you won't want to miss Son Sabroson: Andesala de la Salsa this Sunday on WLRN. It's a brilliant documentary delineating the complete history of salsa, from its foundation in son to its sister genres to the roots that lead back to Africa. And Conjunto Progreso's Johnny Aguiló and Rolando Perez will be providing in studio commentary during this special airing.

"WLRN reached out to me for my participation and to use our CD Master Sessions: Descarga & Son for their pledges and donations," says Aguiló.

You read right, WLRN Channel 17 is hosting a pledge rive, and Conjunto Progreso's Master Sessions is being given to everyone making donations. So do a good deed, and get back some sweet Cuban tunes. It's a win-win.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.