George Clinton, Parliament/Funkadelic Supports "the Spirit of the 'Boycott Florida' Movement"

Dr. George Clinton, the Godfather of Funk, "stand[s] in support of the spirit of the 'boycott Florida' movement" launched by Stevie Wonder in protest of George Zimmerman's acquittal in the Trayvon Martin case. But he also lives in the Sunshine State.

So, as the Parliament/Funkadelic founder and his management team write in a statement sent to Crossfade today, "the fact of the matter is that such a boycott cannot be practically maintained by those of us who reside in or whose base of operation is Florida."

That's why he has a few other ideas about how "to become active in the burgeoning campaign to repeal the 'Stand Your Ground' law in ALL states."

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Earlier this week, Clinton and Parliament/Funkadelic had been named on Washington journalist April D. Ryan's now-infamous (and largely discredited) list of 23 artists who'd allegedly pledged to join Wonder's boycott.

But the funk pioneer's management says: "No one ever contacted us regarding the inclusion of Dr. Clinton or Parliament/Funkadelic on the list that was circulated widely through the media.

"That is not to say," Clinton's team adds, "that we oppose that inclusion, but had there been contact we would have expressed the sentiment covered in our statement.

"It is unfortunate," the management also says, "that April Ryan is being targeted for having circulated this list. We are familiar with her work and respect her as a journalist."

Statement from George Clinton and Parliament/Funkadelic on Florida Boycott

While we stand in support of the spirit of the "boycott Florida" movement, the fact of the matter is that such a boycott cannot be practically maintained by those of us who reside in or whose base of operation is Florida. We hope that we may use our influence to encourage others to become active in the burgeoning campaign to repeal the "Stand Your Ground" law in ALL states by refusing to buy the products from companies whose management and/or ownership supported such legislation.

We believe that only through the concerted effort of the general populace can we accomplish that goal. While entertainers can refuse to perform in Florida, everybody can refuse to drink orange juice.

Of course, Dr. Clinton's "support" for Stevie's boycott and his advocacy for the campaign to repeal Stand Your Ground is no surprise.

While he's always been a funk madman who's dabbled freely in spacey psychedelic mysticism, occasionally nonsensical sexual metaphors, and wildly over-the-top live spectacles, this Rock and Roll Hall of Famer is also an enthusiastic social activist.

Over the last year alone, celebrating his "72nd Year of Funk," Clinton has stepped up in the fight for artist's rights and supported music education for kids in underserved communities.

In September 2012 at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation's 43rd Annual Legislative Conference, the P-Funk legend moderated a panel discussion on intellectual property rights ("Unsung, Unshaken, and Uncompensated - The Plight of African American Musicians") that included Digital Underground rapper Shock G, American Bar Association members, representatives from the U.S. Copyright Office, and Congressman Bobby Rush of Illinois.

Next, he linked up with the Berklee City Music Network, lecturing at its annual conference and hosting a free, open-to-the-public master class in an effort to help promote the continued teaching of music and the arts in schools across America.

Now, though, the Dr. is looking to unite "One Nation Under a Groove" and assist Stevie in abolishing Stand Your Ground.

As the Godfather of Funk himself might say: "Dance your way, out of your constrictions, and stop drinking that OJ."

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