G2: Miami-Cuban Punk Rock Goes Hard In the Magic City

Miami New Times editor-in-chief Chuck Strouse has limited us to six F-words per post (what is he, the state police?), so we'd just like to say fuck communism, fuck Fidel, fuck censorship, fuck political repression, fuck the system, and fuck the tyranny of evil! 

Freedom of speech is awesome. Too bad Cuba doesn't have it. Give thanks America does. If you haven't read this week's New Times feature story, "El Tirano's Punks," by Erik Maza, it details the lives and struggles of Gil and Gorki. They're two Cuban punk rock pioneers; the former re-settled in Miami, the latter currently remains en la isla.

We salute the hell out of Gil for using music to take on a murderous dictator. The exile musician's contributions to the writing and performing of anti-conformist, anti-establishment, dissident music while he was living in a country where it can get you locked up or killed are courageous and inspiring. That's more real than anything we've ever done, and his story makes for one hell of a read.


the article paints a sad sort of picture of Gil's band, G2, as a weak force in the MIA. It doesn't mention the band's opening slot for UK legends the Vibrators at Churchill's Pub, or the fact that it shared a bill with Marky Ramone. G2 has also rocked stages with locals like Tereso, Guajiro, AKA, Animals of the Arctic, the Mutiny, and Anger, to mention just a few. 

It also fails to note G2's awesome America TeVe performance alongside Floyd The Rock Artist on the show Pelliscame Que Estoy Soñando. View that video here below. 

Miami has a great history of immigrant punk. Check out Against All Authority's "Wet Foot Policy", and then consider all the nationalities who don't get automatic legal status when they go 10-toes-down for freedom. Punk ain't dead; hardcore lives. Rock on, G2.


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