Furiously Mad this Friday at PS14

MadMartigan and Furious Dudes are holding it down at a Rock Show® at PS 14 on Friday, April 10, 2009.  MadMartigan features the apparently very gay-attractive (just ask the Power 96 drive time shock jocks) and Iggy-esque Michael Vincent (who is definitely a hetero-lady slayer, btw) on vocals and the able handed Red Tuttle on guitar.  They are the best and perhaps one of the only actual rock bands to come out of Miami in the past few years, except of course for the Furious Dudes, who also play what is known as rock music.  These bands, although different to be sure, both sound like they have been listening to a lot of Damned, Stooges, and Turbo Negro and not so much Thrice, Thursday and Saves the Day. Suposibly MadMartigan is trying to finish recording their record so that they can sell records to us.  I know for a fact they are going to play rock music madly and furiously. They are experts at whipping the crowd into a frenzy and they do it best at PS.  

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