Four Fantasy Cover Requests for Dade County Sludge Metal Gods Cavity

The time for subterfuge and obfuscation has come to an end. I will no longer employ cloak-and-dagger tricks in order to make a Cavity reunion happen. No.

It is time for action! I have already covered a hefty span of their catalogue via my Blast From the Past column, e-mails have been sent, Facebook messages have been exchanged. There is a growing cadre of likeminded people out there helping the cause.

I am not alone.

Lately, I've been entertaining the idea of local bands, past and present, doing covers of my choosing. And today's blip will be devoted to the almighty fucking Cavity. To my knowledge, the only cover they've committed to tape was the Germs' "Shutdown (Annihilation Man)" on the Wounded seven-inch, a cover I always found a peculiar choice but excellently executed.

For those who don't know, here's the original track:

The Germs - "Shutdown (Annihilation Man)"

That's a gimmie. But here are four tracks I'd like to see Dan Gorostiaga and company tackle.

4. Khazad Doom's "Happy High Day's Here"

This eerie hippy social critique could benefit from a heavy and sludgy dose of down-tuning and the aggressive growls Rene Barge can muster under a ten-gallon cowboy hat. Yeah. Put the "stoner" back into stoner rock. Could Cavity use a jolt of faux happiness? Maybe.

3. Infest's "Fetch the Pliers"

Infest is one of my all-time favorite hardcore acts and this final cut from their Slave LP is one of my favorite instrumental tunes in the genre. However, I would like Cavity to do it the way I listen to it on the album, at a bone-crunching 33 1/3 RPMs! It gives it an awesome sludge feel and a good counterpoint to the 45 RPMs for which it was designed.

2. Hawkwind's "The Wizard Blew His Horn / Opa-Loka"

They can dispense with the poetry of "The Wizard Blew his Horn." But if they can actually incorporate minarets into "Opa-Loka" in a bizarre metal-tinged oeuvre of chaos and chugging drums, I'd be happy as shit. This song fills me with a calmness and relaxation I can't quite explain.

1. Ilegales' "Revuelta Juvenil en Mongolia"

Not to be confused with the horrible Latin-dance-pop act, the original Ilegales hail from Spain and they're one of the country's longest running acts, incorporating blues, punk, reggae, and even a little New Wave. Their lyrical work is usually funny and controversial. And I believe Cavity would bring a whole new angle to the table. The track in the back half of the video is good too. But I like the idea of juvenile uprisings in Mongolia with Cavity in tow.

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