Fool's Gold Miami: A-Trak Ignores Exclusivity Contracts, Rocks (Sorta) Secret Set

​All week, Grand Central's been home to some kickass Winter Music Conference and Miami

Music Week parties.

On Wednesday, there was Hard Miami and Mad Decent's Moombahton Massive. The next night, you had Hard's Main Event with Busy P and Boys Noize. And Saturday night featuring the Fool's Gold family wasn't any less intense.

Label master A-Trak definitely knows how to throw a banger and it was an evening full of surprise guests, free giveaways, and killer tracks.

Yeah, maybe the schedule was totally pushed back and rearranged beyond recognition. But the kids still had a good time. And that's what really matters.

Everything pretty much ran as it was supposed to until 1:30 a.m., when the schedule called for a performance from someone called DJ Canada.

Of course, there was no such performer in the building. But it turns out A-Trak is from Montreal. He must have signed an exclusivity contract with Ultra Music Festival that he had no intention of honoring. Like a lot of DJs this week, he simply kept his name off the party promo and then showed up anyway.

Thank goodness, though, he's such a rebel, because the set he threw down last night was beyond legit. He dropped all kinds of funky tunes, including "How Deep Is Your Love," DJ Mehdi's "Signatune" and even Daft Punk's "Aerodynamic." But the truly awesome mixes came near the end of his hour, when the Fool's Recs boss started dipping into hip-hop and breaking out those DMC World Champion scratching skills.

Shortly thereafter, Chicago's finest, Flosstradamus, took over the front half of the stage with some fire remixes and even more hip-hop swagger. The highlight of the duo's set was its remix of "Original Don," which has garnered just as much love as the OG Major Lazer version.

Legendary hip-hop producer and DJ Just Blaze picked up where the Chicago boys left off, opening his set with a barrage of Jay-Z songs. He played a few dance tunes before finishing at 4 a.m. Of course, though, he kept it pretty street, mixing rap classics with newer hits.

To close out the night, A-Trak announced another special guest performance from synth-pop disco man Vega, which kind of left no room for scheduled headliner LA Riots. But by that time, people were either heading home or getting their groove on no matter what.

Besides, most people scored a free Fool's Gold tote bag. So WTF was there to complain about?

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