Florida Bans EBT Welfare From Strip Clubs and Bottle-Service Party Palaces

It is a dark day for booty- and bottle-poppin' EBT welfare ballers in the FLA.

Following a Thursday vote in the Florida house of representatives, Electronic Benefit Transfer cards are now prohibited "from being accepted in certain locations" like the strip club "or for certain activities" like buying booze.

Sponsored by Republican member Jimmie T. Smith, the bill passed by an almost 4-1 margin. Because, you know, our elected officials got the dolla dolla bills to pay for their own lapdances and malt liquor.

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According to Rep. Smith's HB 701, EBT cards "may not be used or accepted at certain establishments licensed under the Beverage Law, an adult entertainment establishment, a pari-mutuel facility, a slot machine facility, an unauthorized commercial bingo facility, a casino, a gaming facility or gambling facility, or any gaming activities authorized under part II of ch. 285, F.S."

Translation: No more welfare-fueled South Beach champagne room and VIP sprees at Club Madonna and Mansion. Also, forget cashing in your electronic benefits at Magic City Casino or los maquinitas.

Certain Democrats in the house opposed the bill for targeting the poor, the Associated Press (via The Florida Current) reports.

But Smith just asked the dissenting reps whether they actually planned to vote "for lap dances on taxpayer dollars."

The final count was 89-26. And the ban goes into effect on October 1, 2013.

So booty- and bottle-poppin' EBT welfare ballers ... Only 165 days left.

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