Flo Rida's Bugatti Veyron Goes "100% Gold"

What a "Good Feeling"...

You're so deep in the "Sweet Spot" and so loaded with "Sugar" that dropping approximately $2,250,000 on a ride like the Bugatti Veyron ain't no thang.

But who's even gonna "Let It Roll" unless it's "100% Gold"?

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That's right...

In a gaudy show of "#strongarmlifestyle" at this past weekend's Forgiato Fest at the Miami Beach Convention Center, Mr. Rida got a "high-end custom wrap" for his 'Gatti from MetroWrapz, a self-described "premier vehicle wrapping company located in Hollywood, Florida."

Bonus Flo protip: No chick rides unless she's "100% Gold"-wrapped too.

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