Five Worst EDM TV Commercials

Right now, EDM is the cheesiest, most sellout-prone music on the planet.

It's a hot-ticket item, and regardless of what the culture might think it signifies or stands for, it's really all about the Benjamins. C.R.E.A.M., PLUR ... Same shit, right?

So unfortunately, we're now becoming accustomed to hearing all our favorite electronic tracks during the dreaded TV commercial break, although some of the choices still take us by surprise.

Like, umm, have you seen these recent EDM commercial spots?

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DJ Snake and Target

OMG, what?! Isn't trap supposed to be, like, the soundtrack to selling drugs? Now we're using it to sell Chef Boyardee and Snack Pack puddings to soccer moms?

Diplo and Doritos

Diplo is such a whore. Bro is making that spicy corn chip money. Dude is living the Doritos dream.

Armin Van Buuren and Mentos

When I was a senior in high school, I hosted my Senior Variety Show, and we made a joke where we acted out a Mentos commercial, except we were really supposed to be doing ecstasy. Now, everything comes full-circle. Trance family fresh as fuhk.

Calvin Harris and Pepsi Max

LOL, as if anyone would ever drink Pepsi at a rave. You're doing it wrong.

Swedish House Mafia and Absolut

The late Swedish House Mafia really takes the cake, though. (Sorry, Steve Aoki.) Did they base their entire song and music video off vodka? Or did the vodka pay them a bunch of money to brand a new drink after their hit? Either way, the SHM dudes are the cross-promotion kings.

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