Five Things to Know for the Catfish Ball at Gramps

Five Things to Know for the Catfish Ball at Gramps

We're going catfishin'!

Well, to be more accurate, we're going to the Catfish Ball at Gramps this weekend.

Now you're probably wondering, What the hell is a Catfish Ball? And up until yesterday, we weren't exactly sure what it was either.

But we called up the lovely Southern belle behind the ball, Mercedes San Angelo, to find out what exactly we could all expect from this ball. Is it a fancy catfish affair? Will we be swimming neck-deep in catfish-infested waters? Are catfish actually part cat and part fish?

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Five Things to Know for the Catfish Ball at Gramps
Courtesy of Ms. Cheezious

5. Catfish Will Be Served at the Catfish Ball

San Angelo assures us that there will be catfish served at the ball, along with hush puppies and cole slaw, all from Ms. Cheezious.

Five Things to Know for the Catfish Ball at Gramps

4. The Ball Is Just Some Good Ol' Southern Hospitality

San Angelo describes a Catfish Ball as a low-budget debutante ball. "It's a ball for weirdos.... It's sort of like a quinces," she adds. You won't be partying in an antebellum, but you do have Gramps' gravel backyard to spread around.

3. There Will Be Music ... But Not Dance Music

San Angelo promises there won't be any "techno" music at the ball. This is a very Southern affair, so the music will be regionally appropriate, with jazz, soul, and more. There will be a New Orleans brass band to get the party going and a DJ to make sure the music never stops.

2. Costumes Are Encouraged

There will be a lot of contests, including a dancing contest, and the coronation of the king and queen of the Catfish Ball, with plenty of party favors. But there's also gonna be a costume contest. San Angelo says you can come in your best debutante attire or dressed as some sort of anthropomorphic catfish hybrid. The rule seems to be there are no rules.

1. Catfish Noodling Is Apparently a Thing

What's noodling? Don't worry, you'll find out at the ball. In fact, San Angelo says there will be video projections of girls in bikinis doin' it.

Catfish Ball. Saturday, June 29. Gramps, 176 NW 24th St., Miami. Admission is free. Call 786-752-6693 or visit

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