Five Great Buys for Tomorrow's Record Store Day at Sweat Records

We've talked non-stop about Sweatstock 2011 and all the bands playing tomorrow. But let's not forget, the reason Sweat Records is throwing this whole shindig is in celebration of Record Store Day -- and the store's anniversary.

What's Record Store Day? In 2007, it started as a way to get people to visit their local independent record stores. But it's more than just showing love to stores, this little holiday also floods stores with exclusive, limited-edition releases that would drive any music geek wild.

And while the spotlight has been on Sweat, remember there are other local stores around Miami-Dade, including Yesterday & Today Records, Uncle Sam's, and Selected Records. Try to pay them a visit too.

But if you are passing by Sweat, here are five releases that you are going to want to snatch up as soon as the doors open.

Daft Punk, Tron: Legacy Soundtrack Picture Disc Vinyl

If you're a rabid Daft Punk fan, you probably already own the Tron: Legacy soundtrack, which has been the duo's only new musical output since 2005's Human After All. For Record Store Day, the Mouse has released a clear picture-disc vinyl meant to look like the identity rings from the movie. The record features previously released tracks "Derezzed, "Tron Legacy," and "End of Line," as well as "Castor," which has so far only been available on the full-length vinyl release.

Karen Elson, Vicious / In Trouble With The Lord Vinyl

Owner Lolo Reskin told Crossfade, "We tried to order multiple copies of this exclusive release. But were only sent one." That's right, folks. One copy. The model-turned-signer-songwriter is signed to Jack White's Third Man Records, which is no surprise since she's his spouse. But this pretty face is also pretty fuckin' talented. Her exclusive RSD release is a clear vinyl with real peach-colored rose petals embedded in it. Gorgeous, just like Mrs. White.

Nirvana, Hormoaning EP Vinyl

Back in 1992, the band released Hormoaning only in Japan and Australia. Finally, in 2011, the six-track EP will be released in the U.S. on vinyl and limited to 6,000 pressings. The EP features four covers and two B-sides from Nevermind. Yes, it's a must-have for any Nirvana fan and once all the copies are snatched up, the release will be a rarity once more.

The Flaming Lips, Heady Nuggs: The First 5 Warner Bros. Records 1992-2002 Box Set

Flaming Lips fans probably already own every release by the band. But if you want to take a dive in the deep end, why not go for it with Heady Nuggs. The boxset features all five of the Lips' Warner Bros. releases on vinyl. It's limited to 5,790 copies, so even if you already own the LPs in this set, you might want to snatch one up purely for bragging rights.

Lil Daggers, Slave Exchange Vinyl

Haven't heard about Lil Daggers? Well, you probably aren't reading Crossfade enough 'cause we can't get too much of these local psych rockers. And tomorrow, the band releases Slave Exchange, a seven-inch vinyl slab that features the title track and "Sweetwater." It's coming out via Miami's Discosoma Records, which has also done limited-edition pressing for local bands like ANR and Beings. So if you haven't checked out any of Lil Daggers' previous releases, this is a good place to start. Then graduate to the band's self-titled LP which hit streets this week via Boca-based label Livid Records.

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