Five EDM Child Stars

EDM's biological clock must be ticking. All the big DJs are having babies.

It appears the next big trend is child stars. They may be young, but they've got moves enough to get the attention of heavy hitters. Famous jocks like Steve Aoki, A-Trak (once a 15-year-old child star himself), DJ Cassidy, and more are throwing their weight behind these adorable beat-matchers. Someone has to take the throne when all these geezers retire.

Ready for your daily dose of "what am I doing with my life?" These kids' lives put us all to shame.

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Elle Morgan: 14

Did you hear that? This little girl is Steve Aoki's favorite! She probably just got her period, but she's been playing gigs in the hottest clubs across the country, alongside Sultan + Ned Shepard, LA Riots, and the grand cake-tosser himself. Her bio says there's no laptop or software around when she takes control of the beat (but those decks don't look like vinyl), and all her electro-house mixes have cutesy names like "Study Hall Mix," "Playing Past Curfew," and "Beats for the Bus Stop." She's trying to "bring EDM to a younger audience," but how young are these kids supposed to be?

DJ Ian: 13

Yep, as we continue down our list, the DJs keep getting younger. This little Navajo regularly shows off his skills via YouTube, and according to the video description, he's no novice. There's a clip of this kid spinning as young as 6, but his bio boasts an impressive start at age 3. That means he's already been juicing them turntables for a decade, and he's even more qualified to play your next party than your entire frat combined. He's even had a battle play dates with dudes like QBert. And his father is PoetikC. Daddy must be proud.

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DJ Fulano: 10

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Besides being the most fashionable 10-year-old we've ever seen, this kid has moves on and off the dance floor. He's got this Fun House jammin' like the Love Shack. Too bad we can't actually hear his mixing, but any excuse to listen to "D.A.N.C.E." is fine with us. Although, if he is taking requests, is DJ Fulano even a DJ? We kid. No wait, he kids! The little dude started DJing at the age of 5 when he was awarded a scholarship to DJ school (not joking) Dubspot, and their youngest student soon made friends with the mighty DJ Cassidy. He's since played for the New York Knicks, Gap Kids, the Brooklyn Nets, Cartoon Network, and more.

Aiden Jude: 10

Is it weird that this 10-year-old boy released a song about complicated relationships before he's probably been anywhere near a girl who could possibly complicate his life? Whatever, these lights sure are flashy! Aiden Jude is like any other kid, skateboarding around town and totally merkin' this adult nightclub. He fist pumps like you and I, but his hair is miraculous. Little Aiden Jude has the attention of A-Trak, Cedric Gervais, Hardwell, and more.

DJ Kai Song: 9

We've never seen anyone rock out so earnestly to "Call Me Maybe." But it makes sense -- kid is a child. It's so adorable the way he wipes his nose and sings along. Almost makes us forget how weird it is that he's encouraging a crowd of adults to drink faster. Unsurprisingly, DJ Kai Song's dad is also a DJ, and he's been teaching this little one the family business since he was 3. He's already appeared on Good Morning America. He holds down gigs "practically every week." And he has traveled to the hottest clubs in all corners of the States. According to his bio, "both Tiesto and Tommie Sunshine called him #thefuture in recent tweet," so you might as well give up now, everyone else. You're past your prime anyway.

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