File Under Weird

We will no longer mention anything that

happened last week and only look forward, intrepidly. Tomorrow night

the Weirds return to Churchill's with another free concert (Tuesday,

March 31, 2009) of off the beaten path excellence. Night of Weirds is a semi-regular collection of local and national artists who

play and perform music and art not easily classified. Neither do the

artists all fit into one catch all bin. You can find some noise,

some art-rock, some electronic, some avant-pop, some whatever. This

edition has NickyClick!, LB Trev and Ricky Diamond, AfroBeta, Dino

Felipe, Pupetree, Ghost Milk, Creature Tweaker Council, Peasants with

Feathers, a film by Aiden Dillard and a bunch of other stuff. It's a

badass show to clear the cobwebs and see how the other half makes

art.- Dominic Sirianni

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