Fashion Freakouts at the MTV VMAs 2012

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The red carpet is where fashion lives, and the MTV Video Music Awards are where people let their freak flags fly. Put the two together, and you're sure to get some unforgettable ensembles.

This year, most attendees came out with a touch of class, a bit of sparkle, and a lot of monochrome. But there were still isolated incidents of feathers, animal print, and what-the-fuck-is-that-bitch-wearing.

Behold! The greatest fashion freakouts of the 2012 MTV VMAs!

Pink is looking dazzling in this slinky, silver floor-length dress. With her hair perched high, she gives us her best Empire State Building impression. Fierce as ever, and now we know where Miley got the idea for her haircut.

Ke$ha is one hot mess, and we just love it! This black beaded barely-there number is making all the hipsters fall in love. Accessories are what set a look apart. And that feather duster ... It's the rug that really ties the room together.

Speaking of feathers ... Hello, birdie! Rita Ora is ready to take flight with those dramatic shoulders. Demi Lovato just looks pissed that she didn't hear of the avian trend this season.

The guys in Fun. look like just that in their wacky, dressed-down attire. Their mix of colors, fabrics, and prints are just loud enough without coming off as obnoxious. Exactly the way you should sing their hits.

On the subject of obnoxious ... What is this "Stupid Hoe" wearing? She looks like a mix between a bus driver and a dominatrix. But damn if her booty ain't so fat that we can see it from the front. Work it, bitch.

Lil Wayne is not a human being. Clearly, he's a cheetah. He's rockin' his personal Trukfit brand, letting the elastic of his undies peep through for full-force brand recognition.

Not quite sure what the hell is going on here. Ezra Miller looks like he came straight from his moonlighting gig as a Mariachi musician. Emma Watson is cute as a button, per the usual. But that's a whole lot of color going on. Calm down guys, we see you.

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Who let the Riff Raff in? No, seriously, that's his name, y'all. And he came dressed as if he gave zero shits about being here. Whatever ... It's L.A. He do what he want.

Looks like we found another lost Mariachi member. Before she was a bird, Rita Ora hit the red carpet in whatever this silver thing is. Even with all that white noise, we can't stop staring at her boobs. Does that make us perverts?

Duck Sauce may have been beaten out for best EDM video by house DJ Calvin Harris. But Armand Van Helden is stealing the show with that fantabulous jacket. And it looks like A-Trak stole Kanye's mega-cool red sneakers. They're bros and shit.

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