Fashion Freakouts at the Black Eyed Peas' Final Concert in Miami

Last night, Sun Life Stadium was packed with thousands of people under the age of 45. Most of them were actually little children, up late for a night to watch the Black Eyed Peas' final concert before taking a nice, long break from each other.

Though fans sported fairly conservative gear for the show, there were quite a few looks onstage and in the audience that made us scrunch up our faces and say, "Imma be confused." Meanwhile, others that were more like, "Boom boom pow!"

Check out these fashion freakouts from the show last night, the Black Eyed Peas' last show.

​These days, many big-venue shows bring out young people who are totally into DIY fan tees. Have to say, they're really fun to look at and probably really fun to make. (Craft nerd alert!) These two girls are cute in their puffy paint tops and shared sneakers. They could have left off the apostrophe after the "BEP," but whatever.

The Black Eyed Peas, though they make sort of clubby car music, have a touch of hippy to their aesthetic. This awesome peace sign sweater may be Bart Simpson yellow. But it's totally adorable on this fan, and the perfect top for a cool night under the stadium stars.

So, there weren't may DIY Black Eyed Peas tops at the show. But plenty of youngsters wore tees bought onsite. This little family looked satisfied with the show. Though by midnight, they were likely up way past their bedtime.

These two have a bit of the laidback with a touch of the club, all concert cool and ready to shoot some pictures. Vests don't look good on many people. But this guy pulled it off alright. Maybe it's the camera necklace that brings it all together.

These little ladies know how to have a good time. They get it when Cindi Lauper says girls just wanna have fun. Neon's not really "in" at the moment. But at a BEP concert, it's all good.

Fergie looked pretty nice all night. To her credit, she didn't pop a squat and make a tinkle onstage, which was both good for her and a little disappointing for us. Her outfits weren't very memorable and included some underwear and a pink dress. This body con number was cute, except that the mirrors on the hips are a giant fashion magazine no-no. She's a skinny mini, and pulled it off.

Sayre Berman

There was no outshining Queen Latifah, who always looks amazing. Even in full body spandex, she's one classy broad. All others should bow down before her and relinquish their MAC for this Cover Girl.

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