Fashion Freakouts Aboard Holy Ship!!

Holy Ship!!

It's been mere days since that rager returned to Port Everglades, but we can't get the memories to stop looping through our heads.

What an ass-clapping good time ... All the great DJs, the run-ins with our idols, the slutty girls walking around with almost nothing on besides promotional pasties. Can we go back now, please?

Sadly, there's still another 360 days until the 2014 voyage. So until then, we'll just have to take a look at these pics of the freakiest, funkiest, and just plain best of the weirdest fashions the high seas have seen since ... Well, since Holy Ship! The Maiden Voyage.

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There's no such thing as "too much going on" when aboard the Holy Ship. So in this case, a cut-up Webster Hall tank and white Aladdin pants paired with a captain's hat AND bunny ears AND mismatched sneakers AND a "bass bandit" towel over the dick definitely rides. It's like the Party Rock crew got their balls back.

This girl is showing her marijuana solidarity while also showing some really fantastic top/side/under/everything-but-the-nipple boob. Clearly, all these guys around her are big weed fans as well. They just wanna stand around her and show their support for legalization, too. Peter Tosh would be proud.

When dressing up in costume, it's great to go for something easily recognizable. It's also a good idea to go in groups, and this puffy bro had a few Ghostbuster counterparts running around the deck for extra fun. But this guy had it the best. With a full-coverage costume, you can be anyone you want, do anything you want, and totally get away with it! Anonymity is king.

With Dirtybird on board, you know it was totally "in" to get down on some booty clappin'. It wasn't unsual to see a sight like this on the dancefloor, the cig deck, the line for the bathroom. What happens on Holy Ship stays, and what happens is: girls dance like sluts.

Speaking of dirty birds, who let this one out of their cage? Because they obviously deserve a medal from the Funky Town City Commission! This girl knows what's up. If you're going to do a costume, you've got to go all the way with it. Nobody was going to out-do this freaky, feathered wonder.

Of course, when you're on a boat full of ravers, it's easy to forget to eat healthy. Thankfully, these fruits were wandering the levels, reminding everyone that there were plenty of vitamin-filled goodies available sans charge (except the hundreds you paid for admission) at the snack bar.

Who said ladies get to have all the naked fun? Gentleman, we introduce you to the half-speedo. This one is perfect for the adventurous American who wants to show off his goodies and his love for his country at the same damn time. We don't even mind that he didn't bother to shave. Growl.

Once again, if you're going to wear a costume, you have to go all out. You don't want to show up to the party looking like the Chinese rip-off of a transformer, and this shiny pair is definitely doing it right. Plus, anonymity! The regular slob you are can't go around pinching butt cheecks, but Optimus Prime sure as fuck can!

If you're taking your style cues from the French DJs (and you most definitely should), then jean jackets are super in this season. Even Gessafelstein left his suit back on the boat, choosing instead to show the jean jackets some love by the beach. This look is best paired with dark, hangover-hider sunglasses and cigarettes.

Nothing says love like a home-made piece of fan apparel, and nothing says best-vacation-ever like getting the artist to sign that home-made bit of cloth mid-performance. This jacket might not be wearable anymore, but it is definitely a must-have for any super fan. Take note, and don't be afraid to punch a security guard to get what you want.

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