Fade to Plaid Next Week at Churchill's

Long running semi-regular concert series, PLAID! returns to Churchill's Pub next week.  After starting out in Hialeah many moons ago and being moved around a bunch the party starters, aka the Brand, started doing the series regularly over at 5501 NE 2nd Ave.  Then they moved to NYC and some of them moved back and now they are doing it again.  It's usually a gang-type of show with 274 bands playing on 16 stages, minimum.  This edition is no different.  The lineup includes the Brand as well as Pretty Please, Leonardo Valencia, Call it Radar, Sirens and Sealions, Dyslexic Postcards, Ouija, Arboles Libres, The Kut, In As Much, Mom and Poppa Squat, Prostitots, Joce, The Gray Girls, Trashly McGutless, Mathew Nomena, and The Winter Room.  It goes down on Saturday, April 18th. Attendees wearing plaid get reduced admission.

P.S. For extra entertainment, go out back and watch the idiotic "punks" hopping the back wall because they want to fight whitey. 

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