Facebook Censors Promoter Alexis Mincolla's Flyers and Viral Videos UPDATE

UPDATE: Facebook has restored Alexis Mincolla's privileges to upload all the Satanic-themed nightclub violence footage he wants. 

It appears Facebook doesn't like what Alexis Mincolla, the mastermind behind the popular Black Sunday party at Bella Rose, is posting on his page.

The social media network's Iron Guard has taken down several photos and six videos the self-professed purveyor of rad uploaded to his Facebook homepage. Those included a few of his entertaining short films depicting him murdering (in a really fake, staged way of course) unsuspecting revelers attending his weekly bacchanal. (One of the deleted videos is posted at the bottom of this item).

In addition, Mincolla has been temporarily barred from posting any new images or videos. Facebook has also threatened to disable his account entirely.

"It's kind of an honor," Mincolla says, "but also a pain in the ass. I

get most of my traffic through Facebook. When people tag their friends

it just goes viral."

We're guessing some grungy, smelly hipster

wearing torn up checkered vans and a coffee-stained Members Only jacket

who couldn't get into Mincolla's Misfit Fridays party at Louis pitched a fit to the Facebook goon squad.

According to an email Mincolla got from FB, he was reported "for

uploading photos and videos that violates our Terms of Use. Facebook

does not allow content that attack an individual or group, or that

contain nudity, drug use, violence, or other violations of the Terms of


Facebook claims it is just trying to protect the kids.

Really? Well if that were true then why does Facebook allow applications like Pimp Fights and Mob Wars, in which to get ahead, you have to commit violence? And how about all those quizzes Facebook users love to take like "Which Crazy Bitch Are You?" And have you checked out "Serial Killer Gifts," which lets users send lovely items such as nitrile gloves, ether, a bloody mop, a crobar, and meat hooks to their friends?

It seems Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg needs a lesson in artistic expression. If not, he is risking of alienating more users who will turn other fledging social media networks to express themselves.

Let's not forget Zuckerberg already pissed off the Facebook nation earlier this year when the Consumerist exposed a new wrinkle in the Terms of Use in which Facebook essentially asserted that it owned all teh content its users posted on their pages.

As for Mincolla, even he admits his videos can be interpreted as condoning violence. "But it's so theatrical and cinematic," he reasons. "I didn't think it would become a problem."

For those of you who want to help Mincolla get Facebook off his back, send an email to [email protected].

BLACK SUNDAY- SOUL, IT'S WHAT'S FOR DINNER. from Alexis Mincolla on Vimeo.

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