Miami Danced and Sweat Together at Swetboxx

Last night at C+L Trading in Wynwood, Red Bull Music united queer artists from Miami and beyond for Swetboxx, a steamy 12-hour warehouse party where "inclusion, individuality, and sweat reign supreme.” Curators Gami, Queef Latina, and Miss Toto joined forces with the brand for the all-night event. Queef Latina told New Times in a recent interview, "All we ever try to do is bring a lot of attention to Miami and Miami locals because sometimes we feel like we are shoved aside for whatever reason.” But last night, Swetboxx proved its place in the national queer scene.

But if there’s another thing that the Magic City did last night, it was sweat and dance their asses off. Thanks to the Red Bull staff who donned short neon wigs and gave out event-branded hand fans, Miami was able to party despite the sheer warehouse heat. The more people that piled in, the hotter it got. But hey, everyone had signed up for a party that was literally called Swetboxx. That didn't stop anyone from bringing their fiercest looks. Did anyone else stumble upon the secret hair ties in the bathroom? Miami's humidity came in full force for this one.

The doors for Swetboxx opened a bit late around 9:20 p.m., but it wasn’t until around 11:15 p.m. that party-goers really started to pile in. Miss Toto told the crowd she was even impressed that people had arrived on time for the first drag show that took place around 11:30 p.m.

Partygoers were greeted by Mokibaby’s impressive TV installation titled Dryp Dryp. TVs were stacked on shelves and lined with neon lights, surrounded by palms and playing various classic VHS workout tapes that fit the night's neon gym theme. Past the installation was a neon paradise in room two equipped with lounge chairs, plants, one industrial fan, a stage, and a DJ booth with sounds by Gooddroid and Bonnie Beats. Miss Toto hosted this room where various drag performances throughout the night took place, including herself, Karla Croqueta, Adora, Ded Cooter, Kunst, among others. Miss Toto joked, “If you’re not exchanging liquids with the person next to you, you’re not doing it right.” We spotted Eric Andre catching a couple of performances earlier in the night after the Registration Rally and Variety Show he hosted at Gramps a few blocks away.

D'ana of COVL's Miss Fuse interactive installation was an obligatory stop. It was set in the corridor that led to the main room where Haiiileen's colorful Aciiidsky work was featured on the walls, DJ booth, and ceiling. Haiiileen explained that her work was inspired by the LGBTQ community: "With some of my production partners... we were able to create this mesmerizing lunar escape, almost like a nebula, escapement from realities and escapement from ourselves." Sleeper's I Think I Love You donned the back wall and custom benches.

The Bronx's Quay Dash took to the stage for her highly anticipated performance in the fog-filled main room. It was an hour after her slated set time of midnight, but the crowd was still enthusiastic. The rapper dominated the stage with a fan in hand as she tried to cool herself in the Miami heat. She kept the audience dancing from start to finish. The event's lineup also included Bronze Goddess, Gami, DJ Haram, Lao, and others from collectives Discwoman, Papijuice, Naafi, Internet Friends, Space Tapes, and Fempower.

Partiers quenched their thirst with themed cocktails that came in a 20-ounce water bottle if you decided to upgrade to a double. From the themed giveaways to the drinks, the attention to detail really contributed to the specialness of the party.

A real sense of community could be felt during the fun and inclusive celebration. It was refreshing to experience Swetboxx's great energy, positivity, and welcoming vibes that radiated throughout the entire warehouse. Despite the heat, everyone danced and sweat together and seemed to truly enjoy themselves. Although there were a few industrial fans scattered throughout the warehouse, the event could've used a few more.

Around 3:20 a.m., headliner Mykki Blanco had still not appeared. The rapper was slated to perform from 12:30-1:30 a.m. We made it more than halfway through the 12-hour bacchanal. If you made it all the way through the all-night bash, you're the real MVP.

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