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Electropico, Three Free WMC Parties with Latin Flavor, Beginning Tonight

In the midst of all the WMC craziness (by which we mean hordes of peeps partying and scores of events, not booze and drug fueled debauchery by addled masses into the small hours), it's important to throw a little Latin flavor into all that electronica.

We're not suggesting you pause for a Tito Puento Jr. break or anything. But perhaps you may want to check out Electrópico, a series of Heineken-sponsored parties going off with the help of world music purveyors Rhythm Foundation.

The Electrópico series is rockin' the hiz for three days straight, beginning tonight and rolling through Saturday.

Again ... Not a drug reference. Wink, wink.

The Sunset Sessions take place tonight and tomorrow from 4 to 8 p.m. at The Standard's Lido Lounge with a DJ set by Quantic, Jeremy Sole, our own Mr. Pauer, and Kiko De Gallo. Then tomorrow night's festivities feature a DJ set by Pernett, Mexican Dubwiser, Mr. Pauer once again, and Juanderful, who might have the most fuckin' awesome DJ name in days.

The party moves across the causeway to Wynwood Saturday night with a full lineup filling the 8 p.m. to 4 a.m. party slot at Awarehouse. On the dancecard are a few of the aforementioned, as well as Afro-Kumbé, organicArma, De Juepuchas, Dennis Mero, and a DJ set by Palenke Soultribe, which all on its own merits the entrance cost of...FREE! You just need to head here to RSVP.

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Christopher Lopez