Electric Sheep Sundays at Score: “Pop-Up Shows and Club Kid Go-Go Dancers"

Miami is not a boring city, but the nightlife scene can get old pretty fast. The same people, the same places, the same music, the same beer.

But every Sunday, South Beach’s Score becomes a place where club kids and scenesters, gays and straights and in-betweeners come together under flashing lights for something new. It's called Electric Sheep, and it’s fabulous.

“I wanted a night that was performance driven but incorporated great, fun music,” says Electric Sheep idea man Dustin Reffca. “Throughout the night, there are many pop-up shows and club kid go-go dancers. It is very visual.”

Reffca also mixes in drag shows, with a weekly cast of Athena Dion, Juleisy, Rubber Child, Lisa Limbaugh, Chyna Hilton, TP Lords, Glitter, and many of Miami’s most colorful characters. It’s an over-the-top experience that sets revelers back a mere $1 at the door. With New York City-style club kid culture as its inspiration, Electric Sheep aims to shake up the SoBe scene.
“Club kid culture has always intrigued me,” Reffca says. “It's a lifestyle that is all about fun and using your imagination. In recent years, for Miami Beach anyway, it's not something you see as much as you used to, unless it's Art Basel and Susanne Bartsch travels from NYC to throw a big party.”

In Miami nightlife circles, Sunday can be a hard sell. But Reffca is quite optimistic, he says, because Electric Sheep's kickoff lured such a strong showing of South Beach party people. For the occasion, he brought in Trixie Mattel of RuPaul’s Drag Race, and there are more Drag Race alumni planned for the weeks to come. Plus, the party can also rely on Score's reputation to help draw a crowd.

“They really get what I'm trying to do and are extremely supportive,” Reffca says. “They have great lighting and the venue is perfect for pop-up shows in different locations of the club. This is a very different party for them.”

And being different, doing something unique and exciting, inspiring clubbers to be creative and joyfully unreserved — those are the real goals of Electric Sheep.

“I would love to see more club kids come out of the woodwork,” Reffca says. “This a party with no judging. Just let loose and have fun.”

Electric Sheep Sundays. 10 p.m. Every Sunday, at Score, 1437 Washington Ave., Miami Beach; 305-535-1111; Cover costs $1.
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