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Elastic Bond, Suenalo and Mr. Pauer Headed to NYC for LAMC July 6 through 9

July draws near, and with it, one of the biggest events for Latin music in the US. LAMC, or the Latin Alternative Music Conference, is an annual industry powow featuring events of all sorts -- panels, cocktails, and of course, a whole shitload of live shows by some of the badest Latin acts in the world, all descending upon New York city for a four-day whirlwind of musical goodness from July 6 through 9.

What, then, does this have to do with you, our native Miamian?

We're glad you asked. Because we personally know a good many who make the short trek north for this Latin indie pilgrimmage. Moreover, some of your favorite local acts are migrating from the muggy environs of SoFla to the, well, just as muggy environs of summertime NYC.

Elastic Bond is going to be taking its unique fusion, which we've oft likened to Fugees passed through a coladora, for two dates. Our own favorite party-starting electrópico DJ, Toto Gonzalez (AKA Mr. Pauer) will also be heading north for two shows, including the Central Park Summer Stage, as well as a panel at the conference. And let's not forget recent Best Of Miami winner for Best Latin Band, Suenalo, who will be throwing down two sets of memorable descargas, including one at the venerable SOB's. Check out the dates below.

Elastic Bond
July 6 LAMC Indie Showcase at the Mercury Lounge
July 9 Jack Daniels' Local Bands We Love Showcase
Mr. Pauer
July 6 Central Park Summer Stage with Novalima, Jarabe de Palo, and Ely Guerra
July 9 Bembe
July 6 BMI Showcase at SOB's
July 7 D'Antigua Lounge

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