Eight Tips For Sneaking Into the Billboard Latin Music Awards

The Billboard Latin Music Awards are here once again -- and along with it, all the glitz, glamor, and celebrities you can stomach. There will be singers and rappers, songbirds and crooners, hip-hoppers and rockers, actors and starlets, and all manner of Latin entertainment superstars. And you want into the show, naturally.

But tickets aren't for sale. You can't get into the big show at UM's BankUnited Center without an official invite. And sadly, yours seems to have gotten lost in the mail. Not to worry ... We've got a plan to help you sneak right through the main doors. All it takes is a little wardrobe-based creativity, a little feigned confidence, and a whole lotta cojones.

Without further ado, here are eight tips for sneaking into the Billboard Latin Music Awards.

8. Get cornrows
Sure, these are way out amongst the reggaeton set. Long-time users of this look have since ditched the dreads, like Don Omar did. But the bachata boy bands seem to continue to rock it. And so can you.

7. Wear bling
Another one that's tricky. In years past, this look was as predominant on the red carpet as were augmented breasts. Now, not so much. But you can still use it, if you know how. These days, reggaeton's biggest names only rock it with a suit. If you're doing the baggy pants and tee thing, it's a no-go.

6. Show off your augmented breasts
We just touched on this one. It mostly just works for the ladies, but if you are a lady hopping to saché your way in, this look is a must.

5. Get your own entourage
No, we're not recommending you imitate Adrian Grenier. We're suggesting you tote posse. Because nothing says celeb like an entourage of lackeys.

4. Pretend to be a publicist
Can't get your own entourage together. Pull up on somebody else's. Just slide in behind them chattering into a Bluetooth, simultaneously typing on a Blackberry and an iPhone, and sporting an extremely harried look.

3. Bust out a Telemundo t-shirt and carry a camera
Sure, Beta cameras are expensive. But not as expensive as a hospital stay if a reggaetonero realizes you aren't really part of his posse and his bodyguard busts a cap in your ass.

2. Ride in a Lady Gaga Egg
Hey, who's to say Gaga didn't show up for the show? She is nominated for all that radio airplay on Spanish language stations, despite singing in English.

1. Bring some Mentos
This one is our favorite. It's the easiest of all, the cheapest, and 100 percent foolproof. Don't believe us? Just watch their commercials.

Billboard Latin Music Awards with performances by Mana, Enrique Iglesias, Don Omar, Camila, Luis Fonsi, Pitbull, Banda El Recodo, Jencarlos Canela, Cristian Castro, Gloria Trevi, Lucero, Juanes, Emmanuel, Marc Anthony, Julion Alvarez y su Norteño Banda, and others. Thursday, April 26. BankUnited Center, 1245 Dauer Dr., Coral Gables. The show starts at 7 p.m. Visit billboardevents.com.

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