Eight Late '90s Acts (and One Whole Genre) We Beg Cash Money Records Not To Revive

In one of the last week's less predictable music developments, Lil Wayne announced that Cash Money Records had signed Fred Durst-led late '90s relics Limp Bizkit.

Does this mean we could be in store for a late '90s nu-metal revival? The four year period right before the end of the millennium was arguably one of the weakest epochs in music history (the emergence of Cash Money itself notwithstanding), and no one embodied all the era's lows like insufferable Bizkit frontman Fred Durst.

In his first interview speaking on the signing, Cash Money co-founder/CEO Birdman had this to say about Durst: "I want him to be a part of our staff and take over the rock department and bring us more talent because that's what he does."

Yikes ... As a preemptive measure, here's a rundown of late '90s acts we'd gladly trade Birdman, Weezy, and Durst some of our own cash money to never hear again.

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Jesse Serwer