Drunkeness! Wardrobe Malfunctions! Jesus! Five Crazy Predictions for Premio Lo Nuestro

Premio Lo Nuestro is here once again. Now it's not exactly the Latin Grammys. But PLN is Univision's next biggest night in music. And there'll be beef between reggaetoneros, more fake boobs than can be found in all of Colombia, and a few celebs who need to be carried out of the place because they poured a little too freely in the limo on the way there.

Which is why, we've put together a little list of celebrity antics that might sully the ceremony. Some are based on past trends and tendencies that we've carefully analyzed. And others we just pulled out of our ass. But that doesn't make them any less possible.

Here are Crossfade's five crazy predictions for Premio Lo Nuestro.

1. Paulina Rubio Might Show Up Sober

Admittedly, it's not terribly likely. But that's exactly why it'd be so crazy. Can you imagine Pau, La Chica Dorada, showing up at an awards show sober? Not this infamous party girl.

2. Black Eyed Peas Might Perform

Again, is it likely? No. But that didn't stop more than one rumor mill from churning this dreck out last year. It didn't come to fruition, and there's no reason to expect the Peas would show up this year (though Taboo is, in fact, of Mexican descent). But then, they could use a win after that Super Bowl performance.

3. Ninel Conde Could Have a Wardrobe Malfunction

She tends to cover her bodacious bod so scantily that it's really a wonder the singer, model, and one time Playmate, hasn't unintentionally experienced one of these before. But we can always keep hoping.

4. Aventura Might Not Win All the Awards

Sure, that's an even bigger long shot than the Peas performing. But seriously, how many awards can one album win?? The Last has been an unstoppable juggernaut for like two years, and it's got to stop some time.

5. Tony Dize Could Find Jesus ... Again

We're not exactly sure he lost touch in the first place. At least not with Jesus. Although, to hear him talk about it before he announced his short-lived retirement to pursue, it was safe to say he'd lost touch with reality. And yet, now he's back.

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