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DJ Paris Hilton Slapped With Diss Track by Jane Bang: "Keep Sucking on That Afrojack D**k"

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Everyone is jumping on the Paris Hilton hate train ever since she wrecked that bitch in Brazil.

The latest hit comes from New York City's Jane Bang, who just released an electro diss track that calls the heiress out almost as harshly as we did.

In the verse, she goes so far as to call Ms. Hilton an iTunes DJ and tells her to "keep sucking on that Afrojack dick."

The track is called "Put Your Hands Up for the DJs." The real DJs, that is.

In itself, Bang's song is nothing amazing, just some generic uhntz-uhntz and post-Skrillex noodling. But the lyrics make this song a gem, going on and on about how Hilton is just a stupid, pretty face, more concerned with the size of her tits than what's happening behind the decks.

Here are some of our favorite quips from the track:

-"You aint no DJ/You a fake DJ/You didn't mix that track/You fucking iTunes'd that."

-"Get them rhinestones out your headphones/This ain't Halloween, bitch."

-"Who you running with?/Your ass couldn't mix for shit/Better keep on sucking on that Afrojack dick/What a prick."

Poor Afrojack. He didn't ask to get hitched to the Hilton hate train.

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