Dirtybird, Claude VonStroke, and Dita Von Teese Warmed Up For WMC at Story Nightclub

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Birds of a feather rock together. And that was certainly true for this past weekend's pre-WMC/MMW Dirtybird mini-showcase at Story Nightclub.

It was headmaster Claude VonStroke, leading lady J. Phlip and Tallahassee's fresh-out-the-egg new guy Mark Starr bringing the serious jams. To be honest, it was probably one of the best collective sets we've heard in a while.

It wasn't just music, it was straight grooves, and there were a couple of surprises that helped push the night into legendary status.

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We go there bright and early at a time that other cities might consider going to bed, about 11:30 p.m. Mark Starr was already in kill-mode in the booth, letting flow some funky, techy booty noise. He was keeping it real, bobbing his head in his signature gray hoodie despite the high-fashion surroundings.

The screen behind him flashed his name as the dance floor filled. His sexy-chill vibe had the wallflowers getting exploratory, and he kicked it up with some ghetto flair. It started to get so heated, one of the dudes sweeping the floor had to drop his broom to bust out some hardcore moves.

He dropped his original hits "Sunshine" and "Rood Boy," as well as a few fresh edits and remixes of flock-member Kill Frenzy's "Booty Clap" before handing control over to the smiling J. Phlip.

The girl-wonder heated things up immediately with some serious gangster waves at about 12:30 a.m. This is one dirty bird, and she was proving it with some filthy beats, but never at the expense of the vibe, which stayed perpetually cool.

By now, the place was packed and the blue and red lights flashed like mad from the ceiling, the walls, behind the VIP, just about every possible surface you could stick an LED to. At the helm, J. Phlip remained calm and collected, bobbing her head around and sometimes jabbing the air with her free hand as if to catch the beat.

She was serving up some French Fries with "Yo Vogue," and her own staple collab with the grizzl "Bkupgrl." The big man VonStroke appeared at her side to join the party, bobbing his head with her and smiling out at the crowd. When it comes to loyalty, there ain't no fans like Dirtybird fans, so you gotta make sure you say hi.

The go-go dancers took up their positions all around the now-crowded room. They dressed in black and lots of feathers, as would only be appropriate.

After playing for a couple hours, J. Phlip made room for the man of the house and VonStroke began to deliver a classic Dirtybird vibe. His set came at the height of the excitement, and the peak of the alcohol hour. It was the kind of set that you can get lost in, turning into one giant blur of happiness in the morning.

But it would be hard to forget the moment around 3 a.m. when, why what to our wandering eyes should appear a Dita Von Teese jumping up on the gear. The sultry superstar and burlesque queen was indeed in attendance, and she made more than an impression, hitting the crowd with icy vapors from a hand-cannon from atop the booth.

It's things like that, and nights like these that make Story Nightclub live up to its name. You kind of had to be there.

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