And with that in tow, he continues to carpet South Florida proper with a new venture at a relatively newer-ish spot, Mai Tardi. This swanky little Northern Italian joint in the Design District has gotten its accolades from my peers and your collective palates and it comes a s no surprise that they'd sweeten the pot with some equally savory sounds to partner up with your meal.

While the controlled mind might prefer say, an Eros Ramazzotti for companion, we often forget how closely related Brazilian and Italian cultures truly are.

Diogo Oliveira and Batuke Samba Funk at Mai Tardi on Thursday

Diogo's just the guy to breach that cultural impasse, with his Batuke Samba Funk, comprised of four local musicians guided by the buttery charms of his integrity and jazzy comeuppance; you know you're in for a treat. A delicious aural, savory and funky treat that will leave you begin for more of this cultural reality.

Diogo Brown and Batuke Samba Funk at 8 p.m. on Thursday, August 19th at Mai Tardi, 163 NE 39 Street, Design District. 305-572-1400; maitardimiami.com.

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