Die Trying's Oi the Boat Records Release Party at Churchill's Pub: A 50-Photo Recap

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Hundreds of live-music fans packed Churchill's Pub on Saturday night for hours of non-stop entertainment from Die Trying, Low Visibility, The Ruins, Hardware Youth, SSK, Bottom Shelf Warriors, and FWA.

The bar ran through liquor like a freight train. The circle pit was a hurricane of flying limbs. And between Rick at All, Rat Bastard, and DJ Skidmark, every note was cleaner than a nun's vagina.

It was fucking awesome. Here are the pictures.

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Five bucks got you in the door, and ten got you a record to go with it. The parking lot was full by 10 o'clock.

Low Visibility played first. Their music is fast and furious rock 'n' roll. They were damn good.

Saw this flyer laying around. Kunt Knuckles ... Great name. Look out for them on October 22.

Next up were The Ruins. Holy shit. The Ruins, The Ruins, The Ruins. This band has been around for a couple decades with different lineups. But the current one is fuckin' fire. Straight-up hardcore punk rock. Sounds like Warzone.

More people showed up, got drunk, ate food, played pool, and hung out.

Big up, Dave Daniels. Keepin' this shit alive since 1979.

Big up, hand trucks. If you're ever too drunk to walk. Or just don't feel like it.

One time for bartenders. For serving up that marvelous shit.

A big hell yeah for fish hanging on the wall. Why the fuck not.

Hardware Youth hit the stage and stomped reality in the face. Oldey style Miami shit with cracking beats, thumping bass, hellfire guitar, and shutdown city vocals. Sounding like a mix of Madball and DNME.

The bar stayed slamming drinks.

And then Die Trying hit the stage.

Before the first cymbal ever crashed, bodies piled in to hear the band.

And when the music started, motherfuckers went crazy.

It was good times between everybody. The unity was strong.

The stage belonged to everyone. And people jumped up, dove off, took mics, sang along, and did their thing.

The levels were on point, front to back. You could hear every note and lyric no matter where you were.

Merch and more good shows on deck.

Bodies flew, fists went up, and clothes came off.

That shit was awesome all the way around. And the next show will be even better.

Punk ain't dead. Hardcore lives. Miami rules. Churchill's is the shit. Live music is alive. Seven nights a week. 365. Always at 5501 NE Second Avenue. Start a band. Start today.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.


Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.