Die Trying's Mission: "Destroy as Much as We Can"

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Churchill's Pub has hosted live music seven nights a week since 1979. That's over 20,000 live performances from some of the best bands in America.

Die Trying is one of them, and no matter how far away from home the crew's new self-titled vinyl release on Oi! The Boat Records goes, it will take the spirit of 5501 NE Second Avenue with it.

We recently caught up with lead singer Tony Flores to talk about drunken nights, big reactions, and fighting everybody.

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Yo congratulations on the record!

Thanks. Vinyl is part of the bucket list. We've been thinking about it for a long time. Seeing yourself on a piece of plastic is pretty cool. And I don't buy cd's anymore anyways.

You're label mates with Negative Approach...

I think that's a reissue. But Oi! The Boat (the label) put out one of Lars Fredriksen's first albums or something.

What kind of deal is it?

They hold on to that shit. They put us on the label and give us worldwide exposure, help us get our name out there. For a punk band it's an opportunistic way to get our music to Europe where they might not normally hear it.

How many records are they pressing?

200 records to start.

What do you think about the punk scene down here?

We got some good new bands. I think it's coming back strong. The Sandratz are good. The Ruins have adopted John Love from To Be Hated. There are a lot of shows and big deal events coming up. It's an open scene. Everybody is welcome. It's not closed-minded, it's not exclusive, you don't have to be a punk rocker, and there's no elitist bullshit. Anybody can come here and make new friends. This scene is all about unity. We're not rock stars. If I don't talk to you as soon as I get off stage it's because I'm exhausted.

What's changed since you put out the EP?

A couple of lineup changes. We had some misunderstandings with Johnny the guitar player, and Chris De Castillo came in on bass.

What's been a highlight for the band?

When we played with Inspecter 7 and Immoral Discipline and got a bigger reaction. We've had a lot of fun....drunken nights, girls, and met a lot of good people.

What's most important to you?

Playing our heart out regardless of how many people are there. If it's 1, 2, 3, 4 ,5, 10, 20...we play as if it's a giant crowd and destroy as much as we can. That's the spirit. It's never money, it's always about the love of the music. I still believe in it.

What's coming up?

We're playing with The Virus, which is a big punk band from the 90's. And we're opening for The Business the day after Thanksgiving. There's a couple festivals, maybe a tour. We gotta figure it out.

What you looking forward to at the release show?

Playing with FWA which is a real great old Miami punk band.

How have you seen shows change since you started going?

Not as much violence. Not as many skirmishes. It used to always be skinheads vs punks. It used to be everybody fighting everybody. There's more of a sense of unity now. We're all the same shit.

What's on the cover of the album?

A guy resting his head on the Dade County Jail bars. Members of this band have spent time in prison, but never gave up. That's what Die Trying is about, never giving up.

Die Trying's Record Release. With FWA, SSK, The Ruins, Low Visibility, Sandratz, Surfer Pig, Liberty Call, Hardware Youth, and others. Saturday, September 28. Churchill's Pub, 5501 NE Second Ave., Miami. Admission costs $5 or $10 with a copy of the album. Call 305-757-1807 or visit churchillspub.com.

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