Diddy Apologizes for "Ignorant" Comments and Five Other Funny Pop Star Apologies

All was well and good at an Atlanta nightclub this weekend until Sean "Diddy" Combs spotted some dude drinking Grey Goose at his Cîroc sponsored party.

"Put that shit down," he yelled, "you in my house."

Since 2007, Diddy's been moonlighting as a premium vodka spokesperson, pouring Cîroc down our throats via television ads and print campaigns. He takes his role very seriously and he don't appreciate fools poppin' bottles of Goose at his parties.

Nevertheless, Mr. Combs admitted he was out of line. But in terms of pop star apologies, it doesn't compare to our favorites.

5. Kanye West Cries on Jay Leno

After 'Ye rushed the 2009 VMA stage during Taylor Swift's acceptance speech, dude became public enemy number one. It was a dick move, and everybody knew it, including West. The following day on the premiere of The Jay Leno Show, West tearfully said he was sorry.

4. John Mayer Apologizes with Background Music

"In the quest to be clever...," John Mayer dropped the N-bomb in an interview with Playboy. "Someone asked me the other day," he told the interviewer, "'What does it feel like now to have a hood pass?' And by the way, it's sort of a contradiction in terms, because if you really had a hood pass, you could call it a nigger pass." Mayer stuck his big stanky white foot in his mouth. But he quickly apologized for using the N-word.

3. Chris Brown Reads Apology Off a Cue Card

Brown must've been so truly and deeply sorry for beating on Rihanna that he was scared he'd mix up his words. Thankfully, he was able to read his heartfelt apology off a set of cue cards.

2. Kings of Leon Apologize for Ruining Concert

When lead singer Caleb Followill couldn't handle his booze, his brothers Jared and Nathan had to face break the news the show had been cancelled. Next to "Sex on Fire," it was probably group's most embarrassing moment.

1. Vanilla Ice Apologizes for Being Vanilla Ice

We forgive you, Robert Van Winkle.

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