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Deadmau5 Returns to Ultra Music Festival in 2013

We here at Crossfade imagine this was the conversation, which must have taken place on Deadmau5's couch while cuddling adorable kitty cats.

"Baaaaby, I want to go to Ultra this year," said Katt Von D, all tatted and pretty and in some tank top.

"But shnookums, Ultra Music Festival and I don't get along. I berated it publicly on my blog so it would be on the public record."

"But don't you love me?"

Thus, Deadmau5 decided to shock the uhntz-uhntz nation and made plans to return to Ultra Music Festival in March of 2013.

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-Swedish House Mafia Headlining Ultra Music Festival 2013

Yeah, it's official. UMF tweeted the Mau5 news themselves, although they turned it into a Mayan-themed game of Blue's Clues.

It's obvious though, isn't it? The skinny arms. The Space Invader tattoo. The 'Y U Mad Bro' t-shirt from the time he wore Skrillex's cell number to the Grammys.

It seems 2013 is the year of resolving messy Ultra breakups. First, Swedish house Mafia sign up as UMF headliners for their last ever performance, and now Deadmau5 takes back his heated words, slamming the fest over ticket prices and exclusivity contracts?

Maybe the Mayans were right. We're awakening to a grander, more loving level of consciousness. Peace, Love, Unity and Respect are finally starting to mean something around here!

Or the world is ending. Meh.

Ultra Music Festival 2013. With Deadmau5 and Swedish House Mafia. Friday, March 16, to Sunday, March 17, and Friday, March 22, to Sunday, March 24. Bayfront Park, 301 Biscayne Blvd., Miami. Visit

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