Deadmau5 at South Beach's Mansion Nightclub Two-Night Reopening Party, January 20

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Deadmau5's Unhoooked

Mansion Reopening Party

Friday, January 20, 2012

Better Than: A late-night with Tiësticle.

After ten days of all work and no play, Mansion swung out its doors to the public, kicking off a two-night reopening event to flaunt the new, sexy Mansion 360 setup with Deadmau5, one of the biggest names in house music.

As soon as party-goers made it through the enormous line, they were met by a half-naked girl covered in fake diamonds, looking expensive and chilling in a giant martini glass. Not a bad way to set the mood.

The new main room looks absolutely fantastic and not unlike the underneath of a flying saucer. Upgraded with a multi-million dollar lighting system, not an inch of dance floor can escape being bathed in flashing neon light. It makes for one hell of a sophisticated dance venue. Although, it basically guarantees epileptics can't come to party.

The place filled up with designer-clad bodies, sporting free rave glasses that read Mansion and Deadmau5 on the lenses, just in case you forgot where you were. The opening DJ worked the crowd into a hype from the center of the floor in a silver booth that kind of looks like a geological formation imported to South Beach from outer space.

At approximately 2 a.m., right about the time everyone's pupils hit their maximum expansion point, the red curtain at the front of the room rose up and revealed the man of the hour, who remained conspicuously helmet-less until 20 or so minutes into his set.

Without the Mau5head, Joel Zimmerman looks more like a gangly, whiteboy wannabe rapper than an iconic house DJ. Still, a nerd can only look so hard when he's got a neck of a space invader.

After an epic build up and a fun remix of Daft Punk crowd-pleaser "Around The World," Deadmau5 got down to the nitty-gritty, dropping "Some Chords" with a nice vocal sample of "Tiny Dancer." It was getting exciting -- and then the sound went out.

On its first night back, Mansion was still working out the kinks. But the club rebooted the sound system after about a minute and Deadmau5 dove right back into "Some Chords," mixing it with "Sometimes Things Get Complicated."

It turns out Zimmerman doesn't take himself too seriously. A few times during his set, he ran out from behind the booth, swigging beer and playing to the crowd. He took over sweeping duty from the hired help, collecting confetti from the front of the stage just to dump it all over his decks. He even wore one of the fan-made Mau5heads for a mix before returning the prop to its owner, a glowing girl in the front row.

For two hours, Deadmau5 kept the beat going with a steady, driving vibe. To be totally honest, it got a little dull after a while, as straight house sets tend to get when you're 100-percent sober. Thankfully, between the insane neon lights, the severe dominatrix go-go dancer mice women, the silver-helmeted Mau5 dancers covered in LEDs, and the giant LED robot man, there was plenty of weird stuff to oogle.

At about 4 a.m., things were winding down. But the crowd was still with him and sang along to "Raise Your Weapon," dutifully putting their hands in the air.

"What do you guys think," Zimmerman yelled into the mic. "Do you like the new place or what?" Everyone screamed and whooped as Deadmau5 announced that the next song, "Strobe," would be his last. And then everyone'd have to "get the fuck out."

When he finally stepped down at about 4:20 a.m., Zimmerman left the the Mansion mob with a monologue about turning tricks for drug money and an acapella from PQM's track "You Are Sleeping."

And it fit nicely, because let's face it ... Deadmau5 is one of those shows you should really be on drugs for. And that's alright.

Critic's Notebook

The Crowd: Well-to-do guido-type fist-pumpers and shiny 20-something women in mouse ears. Business-type ravers who can afford what is, essentially, a $100 warehouse party.

Total Number of Homemade Mau5heads: Three.

Personal Bias: Wish we could have gotten a drop of "Hi Friend."

Deadmau5's Setlist Highlights

-"Around the World"

-"Some Chords"

-"Tiny Dancer"

-"Sometimes Things Get Complicated"

-"Ghosts N Stuff"

-"Sofi Needs a Ladder"

-"Raise Your Weapon"


-- Kat Bein

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.