Crystal Castles at Grand Central Ticket Giveaway

The hottest ticket this weekend might be for

the Crystal Castle show, along with local artist Panic Bomber, at Grand Central this Saturday.Even at $40

, we hear they are going fast! So being the awesome blog that we are, we decided giveaway a pair (that's two tickets) to the show this weekend, courtesy of


. However, we are going to make you work for it -- sorry, nothing in life is easy.

Here is how you can enter to win:

Answer a simple trivia question, which you will find after the jump. But don't bother answering here on the blog. Go to Crossfade's Facebook page and 'Like' it. There you'll find an update by us where you can respond to the question in the comment field. From those who answer correctly, we'll choose one winner at random. Make sure to check your Facebook messages, because we'll alert you through there that you've won and how to claim your prize. You have until 5 p.m. today to respond. The winner will be announced tomorrow morning.

Ready? Well, then go! What are you waiting for?

Contest is closed. Congrats to our winner, Alexis V. who correctly answered the trivia question.

Crystal Castles' "Insecticon" samples a Creative Commons chiptune track. Name the artist from which Crystal Castles took the sample from.

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