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Crossfade Successfully Bullies Peter, Bjorn and John Into Booking a Miami Show

A few months ago, Crossfade initiated an intense letter-writing campaign in an attempt to bully (er, woo?) a bunch of our favorite indie bands into booking Miami shows.

And while certain targets of our stalker-ish affections, like Fleet Foxes, have steadfastly ignored our pen-and-paper threats (er, pleas?), there are other outfits, like sweet Swedish songsmiths Peter, Bjorn and John, who've actually acknowledged our dangerous obsession (er, wholesome affection?) by scheduling a visit to SoFla.

As reported back in February, we were totally left off PBJ's spring fling plans: "Peter, Bjorn and John announced their 2011 [March and April] tour dates. And while the Swedish indie trio kicks shit off in the South, Florida's been left off the band's schedule."

This really hurt. And we cried for days. (Then we smashed a dozen copies of Writer's Block, cried some more, and started tweeting @peterbjornjohn incessantly.) But PBJ have finally made up for rebuffing us by adding a September 23 gig at Bardot to their All You Can Eat US Tour.

Needless to say, we're sooooo happy. But weirdly, we've gone back to crying for days and tweeting @peterbjornjohn incessantly. Is there something wrong with us? Has our fandom gotten out of hand? Are we too obsessed?

As PBJ might say: "Gimme some Zoloft."

Peter, Bjorn and John. Friday, September 23. Bardot Miami, 3456 N. Miami Ave., Miami. Call 305-576-7750 or visit

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