Coconut Grove Mustache Dash on Saturday

Not nearly enough's been done to showcase facial hair on men. Sure, it's become a bit of a trend amongst hipsters and celebrities alike, but apart from that, does it really have staying power? The people over at Yelp seem to think so. They're hosting an "Unofficial Yelp Event" tomorrow night titled the Coconut Grove Mustache Dash. And no, it's not a run-for-your-life marathon for dudes with beards.

Starting at 8 p.m., they plan on taking all of Miami's hairy faced men and enthusiasts on a standard pub crawl around the grove. It all starts at Fat Tuesday, then moves on to Tavern in the Grove, then Mr. Moe's, Barracuda Raw Bar and Grill and ends at Sandbar.

If you have a huge facial 'fro and want it tamed for the big night of drinking, go here for some suggestions--and a few laughs. Don't have enough time to grow out your 'stache? If you're not blessed with an instant 5 o'clock shadow, don't fret. The image at the right showcases some of the best fake facial hair money can buy. Just a suggestion.

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